ATTN: Polishers - got a quick question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Black331Stang, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. I've never had any real success using a Dremel either.
    Every piece that I've done I've hand sanded with the exception of some spiral sanding rolls on a drill to get into those corners.
    I've always said my way is not the best or only way to sand or polish a piece, just so happens that it works for me.
  2. The only thing that I found that sucks with the dremel is the buffing. It never comes out that good, it just doesnt get into the metal enough. I can sand just fine with the dremel though, go very lightly and always keep it moving and you can avoid dents and scars and dips. Although the only time I use it for sanding is in tough corners with some tapered sanding rolls from eastwood, those things are a gift from god in my oppinion. If your going to use a dremel, dont use the high speeds, I never go past 2 on mine, ever. Oh and dont ever consider what you do with a dremel to be finished, I always go back and hand sand, I just use it for rough and severly pitted areas, it sands faster than me :).
  3. I had it polished locally. He charged $100, mainly due to I wanted the runners polished and he said it was a pain in the butt to sand in between them. I am thinking of having him do the throttle body and egr spacer also, he said he would do the egr for 25 and the throttle body for 35. I would like to sell my bbk throttle body and get the accufab but it would be cheaper just to polish what i have
  4. Wow that is very worth paying him to do it!
  5. You got that right. Sanding intakes suck. I got a factory intake I bought just to practice on. I did about half of it and it has collected dust for the past 5 years, probably never finish it, lol
  6. Once you start it will never end.

  7. looks sweet man :nice: thanks for all the advice
  8. whats the best way to get the powder coating off of the upper intake????
  9. sand blast it off
  10. you cant sand blast aluminum though can you, doesnt it pit it? i thought you had to bead blast it.
  11. Go to an auto parts store and get some air craft remover, it will strip an upper intake in about 10 minutes, just dont get any on yourself or you may loose a bit of skin.
  12. i used the sand blaster at work (looks like talc powder) and it does great on aluminum.