Attn: Seekonk Sams Club Guys

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  1. Well i am itching for another cruise with you guys. It was a great time, good atmosphere, wonderful bunch of people. It may be a bit inconvenient to come up to Taunton to Henry's Rootbeer we could pick a different place to meet up that is more accomedating toward the guys that had to drive the big distances. I would like to do this on Sunday 5/9. I figure its a free Sunday that doesn't interfere with the RI cruises put on my NEBOC or the other organizations. 03REDFIRE , cevtv, davemig, lxfiveo ,Mystic1199 payupsucka , ramrace86gt ,Rich Motta , Tat98Cobra, blackfox , and all the others that i can't remember screennames or anyone else interested. Feel free to bring the family again, girlfriends, moms, dads...whoever. 03REDFIRE brought his mom last time, and i couldnt shake her off my tail during the cruise! Woman can DRIVE lol. Get back to me on this one. Oh and if anyone knows RICEBOY's Email....forward this message to him..... :rlaugh:
  2. Sounds good, I should have the Vortech installed by then :D
  3. If thats the case Phil, i guess i'll have to bring a full bottle with me :)
  4. Henry's was OK, just the parking lot was a bit of a mess........a bigger lot would be nice!
  5. Well is there another place you could think of that can fit all of us? I agree its pretty small.
  6. Im in - jut let me know what time, and the place. What about meeting on Winthrop st., in the parking lot of Shaws? Lot bigger of a lot! Plus, maybe I can get a quick haul in down Warner blvd - aka, my old racing stomping ground...

  7. Warner Blvd looks like the "Surface of the Moon Exhibit" at the Museum Of Science. The potholes are bad around here....and thats no exception. We went down there in a 4X4 and i had to check all my dental work by the time we got down to the end. Taunton streets are aweful. Anyhoo,.....i have no problem meeting there....or in any other town around here. I want to make it as centrally located as possible so no one is stuck with a real long drive :)
    Anyone hear from 03RedFire...he's been quiet lately.
  8. Guess Im gettin old - that use to be THE place to race....

  9. Yeah its all bumpidy bump now. And the cops seem to enjoy sipping thier coffee there too. lol.
  10. After speaking with you tonight John, I don't think I would be able to make the meet this Sunday. As you know..the dilemma with the needs to have some work done before I want to show it off for the summer. Keep me informed though, and I'll do the same :nice:

  11. yup we are both old same here used to race there as well also chapter 90 and 295.

    sundays mothers day so might or might not be able to make it just come up with a place and time and ill try best i can do
  12. Would it be easier for everyone to wait until next sunday (5/15)? That way Milenko can get is damn door fixed, and no ones mother will me mad :)
    let me know
  13. Probably a good idea. :nice:
  14. Yeah, Next sunday would be alot better for me! :nice:
  15. anyone else in for the new date?
  16. That Sunday should be okay for me. Car is being painted Thurs/Fri of this week :nice:

    I'll let you know.
  17. yup yup better day :nice:
  18. Sams is going to be hoppin on Sundays from now to the end up the summer basically, Cruise night every sunday night and its one of the bigger ones around, it started 2 weeks ago, but has rained for the past 2 weeks on sundays, ill be at the cruise since its 10 mins from my house, Later
  19. Finally got a date on the car being painted - Gotta bring it in the 11th at 5pm. :nice:
  20. Sunday 5/16 it is.

    Alright guys lets set it up for Sunday 5/16 for sure. Does anyone want to meet up for lunch or anything before the show. Maybe take a cruise ?