Attn: Seekonk Sams Club Guys

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  1. Bleh, I forgot about my sisters graduation from umass this sunday..
  2. I went today and had to leave @ 5:30 to get to my bowling finals (we won!) Next week I'll be staying later. I got there around 4:00 tonight and was one of the first ones there. I only saw one other fox body and an SN-95 (Aqua) with a supercharger. We need to represent the late models next week!
  3. I WILL be in attendance hopefully next weekend.
  4. Cool! Maybe we can meet and hang out. Do all of you Mustang owners hang together?
  5. Pete,
    I try to stay in the side torwards the rear. Pretty much probably where you say that pacific green GT with the blower, we usually park in that area.


  6. Anyone know who that kid is with the green blown GT? Seems like a good kid, and a really nice car. Is he on Stangnet?
  7. I dont know but my names Pete too :banana:
  8. I dont know but my names Pete also, whose the other pete :banana:
  9. Hey, it's the Pete and RePete show! LOL! I'm the other Pete and this is my car. You may have seen it here while browsing the picture posts, as I do love to be a male hoar!


    Hey Kenny, I'll definitely be there next Sunday (weather permitting.) I'm looking forward to meeting you. Are you still interested in cruising up to Fun Ford and staying at the same hotel?
  10. John,
    I forgot his name but he is always there parked next to me lol.

    Only if it's in the same room as you :) jk. Umm yeah, weren't you supposed to get the ball rolling on this a couple weeks ago lol

  11. PS....look forward to meeting you too Pete.
  12. Unfortunetly I wont be up there this sunday, got to go to my sisters graduation, maybe the sunday after that though :nice:
  13. I was looking into getting a room for fun ford weekend....could you let me know where you guys are staying and what arrrangments you have made? Thanks!
  14. Yep. I will let you guys know when I'm making my reservations. That way there, we can cruise up together and stay in the same hotel. Just to let you guys know, my brother and I take off of work the day before the event (Friday.) That way, we can leave around noon and take our time getting up there. We also check into the hotel early and then get dinner. On Saturday, we are there early (before the gates open) and the same on Sunday.

    This year, I'll be trying my hand at the True Street Challenge. Last year, I participated in the car show and scored MM&FF's Editor's choice award on Saturday and a top 25 award on Sunday. Now it's time to let it rip!
  15. Hissing Cobra, I'm up for a room with the double mint twins. Pencil me in.
  16. John,
    People with faded paint jobs have to room across the hall lol

  17. Carvermach (Kenny). Cool! I'll pencil you in. This year we're staying in a better hotel. That dump from last year is now a faded vision in the rearview mirror. :rlaugh: KM94GT (Kenny) wants to go too. Hopefully, we'll have a nice Mustang Stampede going down the highway. :nice:
  18. Pete,
    I think I'm putting the car away for the summer. Crate engine, trans and new rear need to go in.
  19. Bummer. Have you started ripping it apart yet? If not, wait until the fall! Enjoy another summer with it.

    On another note, it's now the FIFTH F*****G weekend in a row with the DREADED rain. At least last Sunday it was clear enough to go to Sam's, although it looked like it was going to open up at any moment. I hope that this crap is gone by tomorrow afternoon so that I can go. I'll be leaving at 3:30 and expect to pull in there by 4:30 if anyone wants to meet me and cruise down there together..
  20. Its not off the road yet. If its decent out I'll be there at 4:30 also. It's not going to make it the whole summer. Tubular front end, coilover conversion, crate motor, gforce t5, Strange stuffed rearend....too much stuff can't wait to start lol