Attn: Seekonk Sams Club Guys

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  1. #@[email protected]#$ weather.. im out of school tuesday so any time after that im down for a few meets :D
  2. Not going today....gotta do a little maintenance on the daily driver. Not to mention, the sky looks a little bit ugly....of course its going to rain for the 5th weekend in a row....just our luck. Maybe next weekend.
  3. whoever didn't go today missed t3h f4st cars from the parking lot next door. they tried taking over till the Grand National crew showed up and a plymouth gtx 440
  4. Please explain!
    Any pics?
  5. I showed up there with (Pete) Hissing Cobra, and it was drizzling so the guys out front packed up the speakers and left but some people hung around. About 20minutes later the clouds started breaking up and it got decent out. So a bunch of buzzbombs from next door came over and started doing what they would describe as 'peelouts' in the parking lot lol. I layed a beatin on a neon srt4 when i was leaving I hope Pete or somebody caught it, but some sort of a trailered drag s10 showed up.

  6. Anything going on this Sunday?
  7. NEBOC Meet at A&W .. 5 pm Smithfield RI rt 44.

    I'm also trying to put some guys together for a run over to Sam's after A&W... Save some spots :D
  8. I'm not too sure if I can attend this Sunday, as I've got a christening to attend. I'll have to see what time it'll be over before I make a decision.
  9. any one going today lets a get a meet at macdonalds on warner blvd and then a cruise to sams any one down ?
  10. depends on whose going
  11. Payupsucka,
    I'll be there tonight at Sams club probably around 6:45-7:00 you should be there too lol. Been trying to meet up with you for a while

  12. damn weather i dont think its gonnna cooperate with us but if i does i ll be there
  13. i beleive sam's is and official wash out today anyone interested in doing some thing tommorow if the weather is nice
  14. payupsucka,
    Give me a call tonight no later then 10. I'll pm you my #.

  15. i might be able to get together tomorrow. this rain is crazy.
  16. Jim, if your going tomorrow think I could follow you to the place?
  17. There is a meet tomorrow that payupsucka and me are trying to promote. We want to meet somewhere centrally and cruise to Colt State park and take some pictures. Anyone who wants to attend should view the thread about it in the northeast forums. So come on out weather permitting and lets cruise.

  18. lets get this goin
  19. Anyone going today?