Attn: Seekonk Sams Club Guys

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  1. They had some knicks and pitts in the paint so I had them repainted. The seals on the blower had let go in early May and Vortech had it for over a month! So while they had it I ported and polished the intakes and heads, installed Snow's Boost Cooler, installed a Spec Stage 2 clutch and hopefully this weekend I'll get the '98 Cobra rear end and brakes in. I also got the SCT Pro-Racer package so I can burn my own chips and data-log.
  2. badass :nice:
  3. Well internet is hooked up finally.....yeah so i am living with my best friend. He owns the house, and we converted the basment to an apartment. Came out real good :) He has a garage and a cover-it, and i get to put the car in the i can use the garage and work on my car whenever i want. I really lucked out. Anyhow....i would like to go to Sam's this sunday...who's in?
  4. depends on many things, i'll talk to my buddy mark and see what his deal is. guess i'll talk to brian still talk to him john?
  5. No Jim I haven't seen Brian in quite a while....i don't have his number, so if you want to get in touch with him that would be cool. I would like to meet up and all go for a ride down there. We should try to get like a ga-zillion people to go! lol
  6. iam down havent been in a while iam dying to show off my new brakes ands wheels and tires too :D
  7. I'm down for it. I can probably convince my brother to go with his '85 GT, as well as my buddy with his '04 Cobra.
  8. mind if i tag along jim? :shrug:
  9. all right lets get this going
  10. Well i am definately down. My best friend (and now landlord) and his wife are bringing thier brandy-new '05 GT! So 2 Mustangs coming here. LETS GET IT GOIN FOLKS!
  11. Nope, you can come along. However, where your from Canton, you may want to hook up with someone from an area that's closer to you. My brother will meet me in Wareham and we'll be cruising down 195 the entire way. I believe that's way away from you if I'm not mistaken. Let me know!
  12. Ok...well i prefer going rte 44 all the way down to seekonk only because its a little nicer ride, and i'm not a huge fan of doing 70 mph on my Hoosiers lol. Payupsucka lives right near me, so we can def. meet up. We had met up at Burger King on 44 (at the corner of Warner Blvd) in Taunton last time we had a cruise down. Everyone seemed to agree that was a good middle-of-the-road place for everyone. Hissing, if you don't mind the drive you are more than welcome to meet up with us there and go for the ride, but i understand if its too far from where you are coming from.
    My cell phone number is 508 294-7831 if anyone needs directions, etc.
    I'm thinking meeting up at 4pm at the meeting place and cruise down (40 minute ride) 44 and get there for around 5pm.
    Sound good?
  13. that works for me see you at 4 on sunday
  14. Alright guys...well thats mine and payupsucka's plans:

    4PM Burger King on Rte 44 Taunton

    I and my friends mustangs will be there at 4 pm. Any problems, questions, needed directions, etc. please feel free to call me on my cell:

  15. What time are you guys planning on getting to Seekonk? I havent gone there in I'd say a good 2-3 months. I'm thinking about making the drive and meeting you guys at Sams.

  16. we should be there for 5
  17. import eater bk on warner blvd right
  18. yes payupsucka.....any of your buddies coming along?
  19. I'd love to meet up with you guys but I've got my friend and brother meeting me at 3:30 on the Route 28 overpass in Wareham and from there it's just a straight shot down the highway. I'll see you guys at the show!
  20. nah my roommate punked out and my brother is working till six :damnit: