Attn: Seekonk Sams Club Guys

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  1. well guys it was a great time today and john if you want anything powder coated let me know same thing goes for you to pete
  2. Ill make it to the next one hopefully, glad you guys had a good time :nice:
  3. Yeah, it was a good time! It was nice to meet you guys. It was also great to see all the Mustangs together. We should have talked to that guy with the Black '86 with the '96 Cobra rims and pursuaded him to park with us. Maybe next time?
  4. Good seeing all of you...lots of nice cars...and good people. So many mustang owners are jerks...good to see there are some nice guys left! Jim, i will def. take you up on the powdercoating this winter when the 306 comes out!
    Take care all....we'll get together at fun ford weekend for sure!
  5. ffw its on like donkey kong playing olympic ping pong
  6. So whos gonna make it this Sunday? I finally got the stang all together!
  7. so whos going this sunday ?
  8. Sorry gonna make it this some things to get done around the house. Hope to hit it up next time.
  9. This Sunday is the start of a new Ford Performance Night at ****e's Junkyard Dog's on RT 44 in Greenville..It's before the A&W near the McDonalds and in front of the car wash (how convienent)....

    Alot of the Stang guys from NEBOC will be there as well as others ... Everyone is welcome to come..

    We also are planning on possibly going to Sam's Club later in the evening for a lil ride..

  10. whats the hours on that dog stand stang round up?
  11. We ever gonna make it this summer? :D
  12. It was 5pm ... We had almost 30 Stangs with Lightnings and Contours in the Mix.. It's gonna keep growing too. :nice:

    Great lil location for future Ford Performance Night meets.. The place has a car theme and good food..
  13. Is this on tomorrow??? What time?
  14. I'm up for tomorrow! Anyone else interested in going?
  15. i might be able tommorow i gotto go do a recuriting drive in marshfield so i hope i can get back in time
  16. Are we talking about Sam's in Seekonk still, or somwhere

  17. Good question! I'm going to Sam's as it's closer to my house. I'll probably be bringing my brother and his '85 GT and my friend and his '72 Buick.
  18. I can do the Sam's -let me know the time someone

  19. i'll be there.....
  20. It was good to see you tonight. I can't wait to see your car with the new paint. :)