Attn: Seekonk Sams Club Guys

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  1. Me too.... And all new moldings.
  2. wow i was asleep at the wheel on this i forgot to check the boards all weekend!
    Well i have my hands full over the holiday weekend....just finished building the motor for my truck, so i am gonna plop it in saturday....maybe sunday if i am done with it i will go to sams.....if not the weekend after :)

    Hey Pete...with your pessimism about the weather, be sure to pray for rain at all the upcoming events! Worked for FFW anyway.....mother nature saw you putting the street tires on and wanted to see you take em off again! :damnit:
  3. Ha Ha! :D You're right about that one. My brother was all over me to not change them but I wouldn't listen. Two hours later I was changing them back over. :damnit: .

    Good luck on the installation of that engine. :)
  4. hey guys,anybody gonna be at sams tommorrow night since its labor day weekend i would be interested in going with my saleen i just dont wanna be the only one with a stang out there.

  5. Im in

  6. I can't go. Both of my daughters have cheerleading for their respective football teams and then I've got a bowling league that I participate in to go to. Tomorrow night is the first night of the season for that. We won the championship last year so we have to defend our title.
  7. Sorry guys as you all know, i'm in the midst of putting a motor in my truck and thats first priority....i fired her tonight (damn i can build a motor!) and she purrs....but i do have to do some finishing touches and a bunch of cleanup, so i won't be able to make it tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone and i'll be in touch!
  8. cool ill be there :nice:
    come on guys its labor day weekend is anyone else gonna be there :shrug:
  9. Hey, you guys are catching up. :D

  10. No.. U guys will always be the Best postwhores on the NE section ..LOL J/K

    Any SSOM guys going to Funspot this year ???
  11. When you going again?
  12. Yesterday was the show and we won't be back up there until next year ..

    We had a good cruise up with a dozen stangs.. Carol, Bob and Mike,Tony Jake, Jim and a bunch of Others including Tony's Muscle-Mustang Posse..

    The show was great with perfect weather..

    BTW: We are going to NED next Saturday for a cookout and a day of racing.
  13. well guys i just got back from new orleans and iam itching for a cruise so some one gimme a holler
  14. Has anyone been going down to Sam's this year? I haven't been yet and I'd like to meet up with some of you guys.
  15. the turn out has been pretty good... alot of low riders have been goin every now and then also theyre allowin some of the ricers in...

    ive been down there a few times (95 dark green gt tinted out w/ tri bar wheels) this summer and have had a great time...
  16. i was there 3 weeks ago. wow this thread still lives sweeeeeeeeeeeeet

    how bout a cruise there this sunday? i gotta get in as many as i can iam leaving to go to kosovo in about 2 weeks so i wanna put as many miles on the whip as i can
  17. Is anybody gonna be at sams club today?

    Ill be in my saleen vert!
  18. Sweet Jesus....the thread LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowzers! I was just a twinkle in my daddy's eye when i started this thread lol. Anyways.....hope everyone is doing well. The only thing i have to bring to sams is my mint 78 Buick Regal....the stang is officially a race only trailer queen now :) I'm down to meet up...we'll all wait till FFW is over though. Again, I hope everyone is doing good, and take it easy!
  19. Oh Crapne... It's Still a thread on the top .. NEBOC made a night of going to SAM's club as a cruise, we pulled in with a dozen + stangs aty once and had our own row.. sweet night indeed

    Oh BTW we are planning another NEBOC cuise to Funspot NH .. This year it's Sept 10th @ a NH Mustang Club Event at the best Arcade / Entertainmet complex around... Bring your Quarters
  20. I'm gonna bump this thread, because after six years of of suffering through driving an Explorer I finally get another Pony !!!!