Attn Voorhees: GT500 Vert pics..

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  1. Your wife's wish will come true. Got these on the SVT Performance site.



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  2. vert cobra?!?!?! are they in the making?
  3. Nice pictures!

    I wish there were some small letters spelling "SHELBY" on the rear
  4. nice find the car looks sweet, I second the shelby letters though, you can't have a shelby cobra without the word shelby on it.
  5. You see lots of concepts and mules on I-275. I think the GT500 vert will debut at the Woodward Dream Cruise in August this year.

  6. :D Thanks Blue! I saw those yesterday and thought :damnit: "more debt here we come"....In reality I don't think the Shelby will be obtainable to the common man. The markup alone on the coupe will put it out of reach for me. Alas....maybe Ford will have an alternative S.E. vert' around 2010.
    Beautiful car.
    They could do a GT350 and I'd be happy.

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  7. Wow, me likes a lot... Cant wait...
  8. could you email those pics, i can't seem to get them (@work)
  9. I agree that a gt350 would be a home run. However since that is still a maybe and a longer wait. I'll go ahead and get the 500. As per out of reach for the common man. a loaded accord is 32k. 39k for a shelby is a freakin steal. Ford has been pretty aggressive about being under 40k. Sure some dealerships will be over msrp, but if you wait, they will come down, to a more reasonable level. I ran into the sales manager for our local ford dealership at dinner last night. She was in a nice new T-bird and i was in my 66 fastback shelby clone and we got to talking on our way into the OUTBACK.

    She recognized my name as first on the list and told me that I would not be paying mark up. We shall see!
  10. All depends on the production run. I say screw the collectors and build enough to meet the demand at $40,000. They could sell a TON of these if they can get the supply to meet the demand. Why wouldnt ford want a high demand 40,000 production mustang? That would really up the companies bottom line if they handle it right. I am already committed to getting one if they dont go through the roof on price.
  11. Tampa rocks! lol
  12. The car won't sell as well as you think it will if insurance companies don't change their act. I almost couldn't get my '03 Cobra insured, this thing I don't think any company will touch for less then $4,000, with above $5,000 probibly being average. My first quote was for the '03 was $9,000 for a 45 year old male, with no tickets, a family of four, a CDL, owning my own buisness, attended defensive/performance driving school, and willing to take a $1000 deductable. After that I found one company that would insure me for $3,000 if I took the $1000 deductable and signed legal papers saying no one else could drive the car and it wouldn't be a primary driver. However, I could get a 500hp AMG Mercedes insured no problem. Someone tell me what is up with that? :bs:
  13. such a beautiful car...
  14. Looks like the Shelby vert's a go, but when will it come out? Will it be a year after the fastback?
  15. Damn, where do you live?
  16. I have a bunch of friends that have Cobra's and insurance wasnt a problem,and most of them are younger :shrug:
  17. I spotted one with the top down cruising M39 south right before the i-94 ramps a few days ago. Legend Lime 'vert, looked gorgeous with the top off.

  18. NJ, probibly the worst state to be insured :notnice:
  19. It turns out apparently the Motor City is the worst place to insure a car. Who knew huh?

    I see this things all the time. I have yet to drive one though, and looking at how Ford is doing, I may never get a chance or job offer for that matter.

    Angel, we're not going to make a ton of these because frankly because they're going to cost so much to make we don't make alot of money off of them. Keep in mind SVT is still working to hit marketing target of $41K MSRP.