Attn Voorhees: GT500 Vert pics..

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  1. That explains it, My insurance company would charge me an extra $1000 a year if they knew I made regualr trips to NJ.
  2. The order of high insurance premiums with average price paid. I'm moving :nonono:

    Detroit, $5,162
    Philadelphia, $4,142
    Newark, N.J., $3,482
    Los Angeles, $3,225
    New York City, $3,127


    Roanoke, Va., $758
    Wapakoneta, Ohio, $871
    Chattanooga, Tenn., $911
    Green Bay, Wis., $948
    Raleigh, N.C., $949
  3. I'm 10 min out of Newark, no wonder. :notnice:
  4. JEEBUS!! I live in Dallas/Fort Worth and my '02 GT has been costing me about $1600 a year and I'm an under 25 male. My dad was getting about $1100 a year on his. $3k a year would be ridiculous. That's about what I pay in yearly taxes on my house, I think.
  5. Just to get an idea on how the new Shelby would effect my insurance rates, I called my insurance company yesterday (Allstate) and had them replace my GT with a 2004 Cobra and a 2005 Vette (nothing out there to really compare to the Shelby until the Z06 comes out). I was very surprised. The vette worked out to $8 more per 6 months, the 04 Cobra added $118 per 6 months ($20 / month extra = $72 / month or $860 / year). Excellent :) I'm guessing the new Shelby is going to run about $85 / month. I like it :) I'm in Texas, married, house, multiple car discount with no tickets or accidents on my record.
  6. Yeah, I'm told the main thing insurance companies look at (in TX anyway) is the number of cylinders. So the jump between a V6 and GT is possibly more. I had a V6 before my GT but I really can't comment because, being under 25, they screw me out of alot of money anyway. Good thing is I will be getting the GT500 right before I turn 25.
  7. Congrats! I'm so darn excited I could ... wait a second ... I just went through this process with my GT earlier this year. I ordered in December, received the GT at the end of January. The anticipation was gruelling. And that was for only 60 days. Now I have to go through the whole thing again but for closer to a year! Life was so much more relaxing before they unvailed the new body style :) and now the HP/TQ to go with it! And I thought 300HP was enough! I think I need counseling :)