auction guesses?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by lugnut427, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. so what does everyone think the new shelby is gonna go for at barrett-jackson??

    my guess....$110,000-ish
  2. I was guessing about the same thing,,, until today ......

    Now I'm doubling that estimate into the $200K+ range

    (and even that may be too low!) :eek: :eek: :eek:
  3. It's hard to say. The 05 Mustang FR500 sold for around $160 so I could easily see it going higher than that. On the other hand there will be a lot more Shelby's than FR500's. We will just have to wait and see. To bad I have to go to work. Anyone know what time its supposed to be sold?
  4. $600,000 !
  5. HOLY CRAP!!!!

    WOW! Now I guess that settles it! Nobody's getting one! The dealers are going to clean up on this car. Too bad for me!:bang: :bang: :bang: :jaw:
  6. $648,000 is frickin ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe someone actually paid that -- it's only going to jack up the price for regular people:nonono:
  7. Unfricken beleevable
  8. For less than 600k you could build a mustang ground up with all the goodies. and it would go just as fast.
    I know it would be the real thing.

  9. For $600,000, does Carrol Shelby stop by and wash it for you? :D

    Anyway, all the money goes to a charity. :nice:
  10. Good call on the Charity, but still that is way too much for any Mustang!
  11. OMFG, $600K

    You can buy an exotic for that price.
  12. That is like 4 nice Porsches or two Lambos... YIKES!
  13. Yes but since it went to charity. It was a tax deduction.
  14. Did Ford donate the GT-500 to a charity, who then auctioned it off to make money?

    When purchasing something from a charity, the tax deduction is limited to the amount paid less the value of the item.

    So what is a GT-500 worth?

    If it was purchased and then donated to a charity, you can only deduct the value of the item, not what you paid. The IRS has just cracked down on the "Donate your car to charity" scam. People were donating their junk cars to charities and then trying to deduct what they originally paid for them. The IRS has said NO, you can only deduct the value of the vehicle at the time you donate it to the charity.
  15. I believe that the proceeds went to charity. If so that would mean the car was sold for the charity. Not someone donating the car after buying it.
  16. Actually the lucky winner still gets to pay list for the car on top of the donation, but the $600K gets them serial number 001.