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  1. Hi all,

    It has been a while since I have posted. I have searched and re-searched, called around, and searched some more but could not find a true definitive answer to this question. I have a 2004 Mach 460 radio with the cd/aux button in the upper left hand corner. I have recently (finally) gotten my music collection all digital and much of it on my iphone. In my daily driver Explorer, I use a cassette adapter to play it and it works well enough. Once spring rolls around and I take the Mustang back out, I want to be able to listen in there as well. The system is completely stock and sounds "good enough" since I let the exhaust drown it out on most days anyway.

    So the question is, is there an adapter that allows me to play this through the factory radio?

    If not, is there a wired FM modulator that really is worth the price?
    If I get an aftermarket unit (thinking double din with blue tooth streaming audio) can it successfully be integrated with the factory system without it sounding like garbage and/or blowing out the tweeters?

    Again, I have found answers to all of these questions, but each one seems to contradict the one before it. I also called Crutchfield but did not get a definitive answer on the tweeter issue although they said they have an adapter to plug into the factory amps (and a 12v to 5v converter needed to eliminate a system thump?????)

    I am fairly decent with car electronics and do not mind spending the $ if needed, but really just want to play my iphone through its 3.5mm jack in my car!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Just a follow up. I have continued the research and have emailed a couple of different companies. When I hit my cd/aux button it reads "no cd" so I am assuming that the info on numerous websites is correct and I cannot add a direct aux line. I really do not want to go the FM route, so new question. If I get a headunit with 2 sets of rcas and a high pass filter on the speaker level outputs (to run the stock tweeters), will I be all set for a plug in install (with an appropriate harness) with minimal extra needed to make it sound good? And if so, do the factory amps crossover the frequencies for the woofers or would I need to do that too at the headunit?
    ANY advice is welcomed at this point.

    Thank you.
  3. You're WAY over thinking the whole thing. Go to and enter the year/make/model of your vehicle. It will show you compatible head units. On the left there is a filter. Select Ipod control and Bluetooth. The adapter harness usually comes free from Crutchfield when you order a head unit.
  4. Hahaha...I overthink everything! I did do that, just wanted to make sure I get one that will be compatible with the rest of the mach system as a whole overhaul of the stereo is not in the cards at this point. The funny thing is that is where I started and like so many things, it will probably be where I end up.
  5. Make yourself a short list of the ones you like then call them up to ensure you dont need to bypass any factory amps or anything.
  6. And I decided to go double check the car in storage to make sure I was correct....I have a SAT button so I believe there is an adapter on the market which allows an aux input, which is all I really want. If not, going to order from Crutchfield soon. Thanks again.
  7. I am currently going through all of this with my mach 1. Without an FM transmitter you won't get your MP3s without changing out the deck. There is no aux input on the stock unit.

    I installed a Sony Bluetooth model with the metra wiring kit for the mach audio. It WORKS, but very sub par. The audio quality is far superior using the factory unit with CDs. I played with the filters quite a bit and it will do for the time being. With the Sony unit it just sounds muffled. The spacing is way off. The further from a flat EQ you get the worse it sounds.

    The conclusion I found thru research and in my own experience is that a complete overhaul is necessary, and that's exactly what I'll be doing this spring.
  8. This sounds like you're feeding through and over driving the factory pre-amp.
  9. I heard back today from and they have an adapter that plugs into the satellite input and uses the SAT button to "turn on" so that an iphone (or whatever source) can be plugged in and played. I am going to give it a shot. I will post the results when I do (may be at least a few weeks with car in storage for winter).
  10. I have an iPod interface in my 2002. I think it's made by a company called P.I.E. when I was looking at it the instructions said that your stereo needs to be able to control an external cd changer. In order to tell this I believe they said you just hit the cd button a second time and it was supposed to say something different. Mine still said 'no cd' however the gizmo still works. Plus I have limited iPod control through the stereo controls since it uses the iPod USB connection instead of standard aux. I think the 2004 cars would need a different one due to some slight changes to the HU but it could be worth a look.
  11. From what I've gathered, the 04's don't work with that P.I.E. adapter because they were the in dash changer and do not have external changer controls. I believe the one that was recommended to me is basically the same thing but uses the SAT input. I could get one that has ipod control/charging, but think I will just get the standard 3.5mm plug so no matter what I want to play, I can.
    Once I get it ordered and installed, I will post how it works.
  12. Sorry for the delay on this. With the Mustang off the road for the winter, a DISASTER of a blizzard a few weeks back, and shopping for a new DD suv (went with an MKX so technically it is a DD crossover), I haven't had a chance to order the adapter. Hope to in next few days. I will then post the outcome.
  13. Adapter came in yesterday. Much larger than anticipated (hope there is room behind the radio-LOL). I will hopefully install in the next week or so.
  14. Finally had time to put it in today. Installed in 15 min and sound is crystal clear. Well worth it!
  15. I use this adapter too. Works great. I occasionally get a "Service SAT" error, but I just turn the radio off and back on and it goes back to working.
  16. My adapter worked for all of a couple of weeks and then the "service sat" or "no sat" error was more and more regular. I contacted PIE (the manufacturer) and they said this was not normal and had me send it back to the distributor I purchased from for repair or replacement. I will post when all said and done.