Austrailian SUPER V8

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  1. Do you have Bill Gates money? The glass has to be changed, crash testing changes made, lighting, bumpers, etc, etc. Bottom line, I dont think you can get it DOT approved to license, THEN deal with the EPA stuff on top of that.

    You CAN however, import 25 yo or more Falcons WITHOUT all that hassle and have a nine inch rear with disc brakes and a kick butt Cleveland engine.
  2. Yep I'm an ozzi, :D and I've seen an 02 vert in person (yes only one :(), and plenty of the new falcons, OH in FACT!, TODAY I saw a white GT with blue stripes, mmmmm, that thing was sweet. Anyways, the falcon is considerably bigger than a mustang, about 20% bigger in size I reckon.

    I think our crash regs are the same if not better than the US, for new cars anyway. I'm no expert though.

    I always thought nascars were the same size as the supercars as a kid, but now I see they use smaller cars. In race trim, the cars would be nearly the same though, that is why V8s are nimble. Basically they get a falcon, or commodore, and strip it, build a rollcage into the main chassis, and put the panels around it, they basically aren't near stock. The interior consists of a racing seat, pedals, radio, and carbon fibre gauge cluster. The race versions weigh 1350kg I think, whereas road-going V8 falcons are about 1800kg.

    Holden has been winning a lot lately, but with the new motor we (ford fans) have pulled ahead again, but Holden race teams use ford parts anyways, especially the diff, so it's basically ford vs ford lol.
  3. While attending the 100 yr anniversary in Detroit I actually got to see the street and race version of these cars. Truly awesome machines!! I was talking to one of the Aussie reps and asked specifically why Ford wouldn't bring a car like that to the states. His reply "It would compete directly with the Mustang and it's sacred muscle car title. Ford would be killing it's own King so to speak."

    Sounded resonable to me.
  4. Having just gotten back from Canberra, it was interesting to me that there aren't a lot of coupe performance cars on the road; most are sedans.

    I didn't really see any coupes the size of a Mustang (except one actual 1966 Mustang drew a lot of stares as it cruised down the street).

    What's also impressive about the Fords/Holdens is the build quality; the interiors of these cars are like BMWs. Interesting that Ford can offer that sort of thing when it wants to; I guess we've come to expect poor quality in domestics, so Ford figures no reason to change.

    Oh, and the HSV logo is truly cool-looking! :D
  5. That would be friggin awsome. Thier jaws would :jaw: then :( :damnit:
  6. Interesting point. Anybody know how much a falcon would cost in US dollars?

    I'd much rather have a 2door version of the falcon, with the boss 290 engine, as the 05 mustang than the current retro-mobile. Am I alone?

  7. Perhaps, but the bureacratic red tape of our nation wouldnt sign off on that. It all comes down to what ever "inspector" signs off on the customs import wavier.

  9. just thought of something, my grand marquis is made in canada. so wouldnt that make it an import? it would kick ass to put a boss 290 or a cobra 4.6 in one with some M/T slicks in the back and take that to an all import race. i seem to remember a guy in MM&FF in the 2v shootout with a 98 police interceptor that ran low 12s with a 99gt motor and a vortech blower.
  10. Well, base models are around 33kAUD, and the GT is about 70kAUD fully optioned, but since you would be buying from out of the country, you wouldn't pay new car tax, which would probably be 5k or so, so in USD, base model would cost about 20kUSD, and the GT probably around 50kUSD. This is excluding cost to ship, and import tax you would pay at your country. Then you got your conversion costs, RHD to LHD, safety regs to uphold, etc.

    For an example, Ford imports the Mustang Cobra, converts it to RHD, changes lights and stuff to meet ADR (we need more lights cos wobblies (wallabies) can move pretty fast, and love to jump in front of cars at night) anyhow, we can buy a RHD cobra here for get this: 90 THOUSAND DOLLARS! Tis a bit much, but it is a stang :)

    To whoever said the build quality was as good as a beemer, :nice: you really think so? I always look at interior shots of mustangs and think it's as good as our cars, but everyone seems to think they're crap build quality. :shrug: Haven't really looked at one in person though.
  11. Oh and I forgot to mention it, I can't believe what our dollar is trading against the USD, we're up to 73.5 US cents, amazing. I remember like just before september 11 we were trading at 31 cents or something, so now instead of your money being 3 times as good as ours, it is 1.35 times, which is a whole WORLD of cheaper. This means, if it stays good, my project may be do-able a year earlier, or 20k cheaper or something. :D

    sorry bout the OT