Auto electrical/alternator question.

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  1. My wilfe's 94 Mazda Protege wouldn't start a few times. Turn the ignition and nothing. No clicking or anything. Then later would start. Also, stalled while driving. When it stalled, there was no electrical power either, check engine and oil light did not come on. Now it won't start again. I hear clicking like a dead battery. Do I need a new alternator? I'd hate to buy one, put it on and not fix the problem. I just find it strange to lose all electrical power while driving. That tells me it's not the battery although it's probably dead now too. I'm going to take off the alternator tomorrow and take it to Advanced Auto to have it checked. I hope that is the problem because I don't know what else it could be.
  2. theres lots of different things that this could be. start with the alternator and battery. after that check out the grounds and fuse box connections.
  3. Get the battery properly tested with a gfood load tester that will check all the cells. If the battery is OK then have the Alternator checked properly got Voltage and Amperage output. If they test OK, then you need to start checking grounds and possibly the ignition switch.
  4. Thanks. I'm NOT looking forward to it. Electrical problems are a pain!
  5. Yes they are unfortunately. I regularly get stuck with them as my employees run from them. No big deal. They take knowledge and most of all patience for sure.
  6. The fuel it has these cars?
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