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  1. I have a '95 Mustang 5.0 GT SN95. While searching for the OBD1 connection I found another connection outlet that says 'AUTO GUARD'. It's below the steering column under the dash. Does anyone know what this is for? What connects to It? Thanx for any help. Sorry about the side ways picture. 20171111_163445.jpg
  2. Google search shows either a dashcam setup or a system that connects to an app on your phone called "autoguard" that will let you do certain functions from your phone like unlock doors.

    Obd1 connector is under the hood at rear drivers side engine bay
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  3. Looks old so I'd guess an aftermarket car alarm and / or remote start - door lock module (prolly not dashcam or phone I'd guess). Follow what it connects to and if it's a bunch of crimped-on connectors into a hacked-up wiring harness, that's what it likely is.
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  4. Thanx for the Google search info, I tried Googling it & got nothing. I looked around by the brake booster & my nephew too, we found nothing. We searched around all 4 engine bay walls. We found the "EEC test" connection by passenger fire wall.....I read the TSB's & #7854 from 1/1/2000 said "ABS diagnostic trouble codes (DTCS) can only be retrieved using Super STAR I I tester or the flash out procedure by grounding out diagnostic circuit at test connector". Any ideas on how I do that, or where I can find how to?
  5. It's got a thick group of wires out the back & up into the wires under the dash at the steering wheel. I got too many other things to fix on this pretty Lil Purple Pony to get lost up there. I got no heat , rear defogger, horn or cruise control. I'm in Washington state with lots of cold rain & snow. OMG I miss living in Vegas!!!!! Lol
    I think this will help you, jrichker put this together with updates from others to include 94-5 5.0 info.
    I read someplace that those 2 years had the computer connection under the dash for the 6 cylinder cars were obd ll and the connector was there for gt cars but is not used for computer connection of the 5.0's obd l, they did this in preparation for the mod engine in 96, I don't know how accurate this is, I suppose I could look into it futher or maybe @FoxChasis could help clear this up, not sure how far his expertise goes.
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  7. Is that a 2x4 zip tied to the gas petal? Haha

    but in an older car like this, its probably some aftermarket alarm instead of a dash cam or the likes.
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  8. Car alarm?
    Thats what it is according to
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