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  1. Is there another Ford headlight switch that will give an '07 GT the auto option on the headlights? I have wired my fog lights on all the time and with that and the normal white speedo lighting, the wife forgets to turn on the headlights at night. The auto function might help this.
  2. Why did you setup the fogs with a drl module? sorry i don't know what it would take to do what you are asking, but it seems like you created the problem with the other mod, just wondering the motive behind it :D
  3. I like the look of it plus I have always run some sort of running lights on all my cars. These were real easy to wire to be on for the daytime and they work as normal with the lights on. I did not use the regular DRL module either. This way, I do not have to turn the lights to the park position as many do if I want the fog lights on. I have been looking for an auto light switch for this car since I bought it due to being used to it on our F150.
  4. Pete, I'm trying to accomplish the same thing with halos around my fog lights. I'm trying to accomplish this completely under the hood, though, without having to run more wires into the passenger compartment. The only thing I'm missing is a switched 12 volt source that I can use to trip the 30 amp relay. I can just run a fused line from the B+ terminal at the relay box to power the halos.

    Might be a bit cleaner than replacing the switch, and it doesn't use the headlights.
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    I have been thru a couple of cars since this '07 GT and am now back into an '08 GT Vert. Did the fogs as before in the '07 but am still on the hunt for an auto headlight switch. I want the auto switch just for headlight activation such as the newer cars have,

    Mine is all done under the hood for the running lights. I used a red with yellow striped wire which is a switched power and shuts off within a second following the key turned off. That wire on my '08 was found in the second bundle from the front of the under hood fuse box, on the passenger side of the fuse box. In the '07, I think it was in the forward most bundle... It is a fairly large bundle to sort thru.