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Automatic or Standard

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  1. The wife would like me to go with an automatic for the new GT, so that she can drive it sometimes:nonono:. She is a cautious driver, untill "anything" happens, then she panics and slams the breaks hard. The GT will be purchased and paid for by me alone. I would like the 5 spd. I'm not to keen on teaching her to drive a standard with the new car. What shall I do:shrug:
  2. City driving get an auto but if your a track man then go stndrd. :)
  3. Dude teach her how to drive an stick. Auto is for handicap.
  4. Manual = Man

    Auto = Girl
  5. After owning 5 Mustangs with a manual transmission, I am quite pleased with the automatic in Mustang #6 (my 07 GT). Car ran super consistent 12.30's every single pass last day at our local dragstrip this season. Bracket racing is all about consistency which is why I chose an automatic for this Mustang.

    For a car that sees road racing, autocrossing, or just leisure driving, I'd recommend a manual trans. However, I can manually hold any of the 5 gears in my 5R55S automatic, so it wouldn't be "bad" to have an automatic for any of those purposes.

    Oh, forgot to mention: I'm not handicapped, but you sound very narrow minded, lvmustanggt.
  6. If its your cash you got to get what you want, so get the 5spd. Teach her stick on another car, if that cant be done, dont let her drive it haha
  7. You took handicap mention the wrong way, :nono:. was just playing saying in auto there in no fun as you were not moving car like 5 speed.
  8. Why would you want a STD? :rlaugh:

    Sorry. I would go for standard. I am too paranoid to even let my girlfriend take it anywhere outside of a parking lot.
  9. You definately need to get what you want. If you want manual and get an auto, you will probably be miserable and want to tradee it in in a few months. I think you shoud either teach her or tell her to get her own auto stang.
  10. After driving the Shelby for about a year and a half, my next car will probably be an auto.. While a stick is fun for the track, and playing around, it's just not practical on a daily basis.

    I have never gotten used to being stopped on a hill with a stick.. and around here, there are a lot of hills. In addition, because of so many inexperienced drivers on the road, it seems as if I am constantly reacting to everyone around me.. I am constantly downshifting, etc.. People pull out in front of you.. etc..

    Then there is traffic.. Ever since I bought the Shelby, I have done everything in my power to avoid traffic.. Cannot stand it with a clutch..

    Others can ridicule me as much as they would like.. A manual is just not practical around here..
  11. If the Mustang didn't have traction issues due to the horsepower/torque and light rear-end while driving in the rain...and if the T3650 was a better (smoother shifting) transmission it would be a joy to drive with the manual.

    As is though, it can be a beeatch in poor weather and stop and go freeway traffic. When it's cold the synchros clash like crazy. The stock shifter sucks and needs to be swapped for a short throw shifter immediately to improve the positioning and accuracy of the 3rd gear shifts IMO. The clutch, manual transmission and driveline are all clunky and noisy.

    That being said...I still enjoy shifting through the gears on the open road.

    If I had it to do over again though I'd probably pick the auto due to the notchy feel and poor cold weather shifting of the Tremec manual.
  12. I would take a 6 speed auto with the option to manual shift.
  13. Getting the auto transmission is like getting the V6.

    American cars should all be rear wheel drive, have two doors, be powered by an 8 cylinder engine and motivated by a manual transmission.

  14. i hope this does not turn into another one of "those" threads. we all have our opinions, but lets try not to knock others.
  15. yEEE HaWwww!! They should reek like gasoline, rattle like a can of rocks, get 5mpg, and have panties hangin' from the rearview mirror too!!!! :rolleyes:

    ...and in response to bigcat's post...I'm not knockin' you Greg...just your narrow-minded concept of what an American car should be. I think the Mustang should have a 5spd option but it should be smooth shifting and reliable.

    This should be required reading for anyone considering the 5spd:
  16. get an auto and put a converter in it.those sticks will be wondering what the hell just happened!
  17. My next new Mustang will be a 'vert and an automatic so the wife can enjoy....I don't mind it either, since I have had manual GT Mustangs since I was 25(now closing in on 40).
    I won't be giving up the 99 GT 5-speed for it though, I plan on keeping it too.
  18. Point taken. My post was not meant to be as inflamatory as it came across. I fear the day the only cars on the road will be two cylinder smart cars that will automatically select whichever gear allows for maximum fuel economy, no wheel spin, zero to 30 times no quicker than six seconds, never exceed the speed limit, stereo's that only play Sara McLachlan (sp), etc..

    No harm meant as I was exaggerating . . . some American cars should be allowed to have 12 cylinder engines and 6 forward gears.

  19. Buy your wife an automatic (cheaper than a divorce lawyer), and buy yourself a 5-speed.

  20. I have had the opportunity to go beat on both in a S197, two roughly 5000 mile 08 GT's.

    I could not believe how feather light the clutch was and how smooth it was to drive the car, most would be able to be able to look like pros driving stick.

    Auto, in stock form it ran 6G up through the first three gears any time and every time; very impressed. No gear hunting or quick shifting like the 4R days.

    After a tune, CAI on the auto, the car became an animal.

    I look at HotRodHarry on here, his car is in the 10's on a stock auto with stock converter and stock long block. 5R car.

    While I can't speak for anyone else, to have a car so docile my wife could drive it, but so sleeperish I could give the new Zed next to me thumbs down, I'd run his set up: automatic. I would imagine that with a converter, his car will probably be pulling 1.3 short times as it is currently running 1.5's on a stock suspension.