Auto or Std

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Automatic or Standard

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  1. Auto

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  2. Std

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  1. +1. I have a 4,800 rpm stall converter in my supercharged 07 Mustang GT coupe. Wide open throttle in drive means I never have to lift the gas pedal (like a manual trans) and my rpm's never fall below 4,800 rpm's either (at WOT). Try that (without breaking stuff) in a manual trans at the dragstrip. Also, it's tuned to shift (when in drive) at 6,400 rpm's, or I can choose to manually shift it up to 6,800 rpm's (although leaving it in drive is much more consistent at the dragstrip).

    On a side note, I owned a 1968 Pontiac GTO for 9 years. Campaigned it in the sportsman class at our local dragstrip. It had a balanced and blueprinted 406 cubic inch Pontiac big-block making 425hp running through a Turbo Hyrdamatic 400 (automatic) trans with 3,100 rpm Art Carr stall converter & shift kit, turning a 3.90 saf-t-trac rear end (posi). Nobody ever questioned my manhood just because the car had an automatic trans in that GTO. That car was super consistent at the drags and won its fair share of prize money & trophies while bracket racing.
  2. I guess it all depends. For me standard all the way but I'm 26, the car is all mine and I Autocross / Road Race the car when I'm not cruising the freeways to get anywhere out here.

    If it was a dual purpose daily with lots of stop and go and a drag racer I'd say Auto would be recommended.