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  1. Ok, I just installed a rebuilt 2.3l engine in my 91 mustang lx (auto) and I am really wanting to put in a 5-speed. And I was wondering if anyone has any tips or info on how to do this the most efficient way and without breaking my bank account. Also should I use new or reconditioned parts? :shrug:

  2. I would buy a new clutch and clutch cable all other stuff can be used-I have the whole swap for sale right now if needed. You need lots of patience to install the clutch quadrant and the rest is straight forward and pretty easy. If there are u pull junkyards around try them also as they are pretty cheap sometimes.
  3. hit stingers website, its not too hard and a Very Very good Mod. I have been much happier with my 5 speed tranny than the crappy a4ld auto.

  4. Thanks a lot, I have checked out stinger's website, it's cool, and I am going to start planning today
  5. good luck i just put mine in. haven't started it yet but everyone says its a huge difference. :nice:

  6. The T5 swap is by far the best mod I've EVER done to my car. After breaking *4* A4LD's it was time for a change... and this was 150% a change for the better... more power, more reliable, more fun, more peeling out, stronger, etc etc...
  7. I highly recomend getting a cheap donor car...Made the swap much less of a pain in the a**....
  8. deadhead23 i got a complete 5 speed set up still in the car that im selling let me know.
  9. donor car? just make sure you have all the parts and theres nothing to worry about. even still... mustangs arent hard to come by at junkyards and you should be able to find pretty much anything at the last minute if needed. I found out my crossmember was the wrong one and picked up one for $18...
  10. over here on the east coast our junk yards are full with mustang,tc, merkers. no need to worry about parts. also have connects in tenn. with a mustang salvage yard.

  11. I just say that cuz I picked one up for $350. Saved on trips to the junkyard having it sitting in the backyard... :)
  12. I just finished the 5spd swap in the 88 turbocoupe just a few minutes ago. It was sort of a hassle because I had to take the steering column out to change the pedals. I haven't gotten a test drive in due me not having anyone to help bleed the slave cyl.

    I just kept remembering with a 5spd swap will still have a 3.73 rear, perfect for me.