Auto To Manual

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by kreil45, May 17, 2013.

  1. I have an 03 mustang gt and am thinking of changing it from auto to manual. Is it hard to do and what all do I need to do it?
  2. It is do-able, but in my opinion not worth the effort. Unless you've invested a lot of money into your car or it has some sentimental value, you'd probably be better off selling the auto car and buying a stick car. You may even be able to get more car than you have now.. for example if you bought a blower car or one that had some NA mods already.

    Anyway, on to the swap: you'll need at least the trans, bellhousing, clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, pilot bearing, TOB bearing, different yok for the transmission side of the driveshaft, pedal box, clutch cable, shifter, shift boot and shift bezel. It's a bunch of parts, so it's best to have a donor car or someone who provides the entire setup. It's not particularly fun working under the car either.
  3. That's funny you say that cause I'm thinking about going the other way (5 speed to auto). If you really want a 5 speed you best off doing what was suggested above. Its costly to swap especially if you do it right. You would ultimately get more bang for your buck by selling and getting the 5 speed car then either pocketing the extra money or doing something like a blower, heads, or cams.
  4. The reason I was wanting to go to a manual is because I have replaced the tranny torque converter drive shaft ujoints rear chunk rear upper and lower control arms tranny mount and tuned. I still a loud and hard clunk noise from the rear and the and it jerks back and forth when I let off the gas around 45-50. I don't know what else to do but replace the whole drive trane with a manual. It was even at ford for week and they had a engineer come and look at and could not figure it out.
  5. Search for my threads on this. I have everything in the garage to do the swap but havent got around to it. Work and family keeping me busy. If anyone wants to buy a complete auto swap kit, I will have it all. Only 50k miles with a TransGo kit in it. That might be what I need to finally get this done!