Auto Trans in a Cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by beary58, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. OK, Im confused. I went to test drive a 01 Cobra Vert, low and behold, it's got an automatic. I didn't know you could do that. Is that a specail order?

    I'm not interested in a auto, but is it worth more with the auto?

    2000 White Vert
  2. if it was in fact a cobra the previous owner just put an auto in it.
  3. That is what I was thinking. The hood, bumpers and wheels were all cobra. The trans was a five speed which is not cheap. Nice car, but I'm a standard guy.


    2000 White Vert
  4. Check the VIN# (call 1-800-ford-svt) to see if it's legit, it's possible an auto trans could have been swapped over after it left the factory (a rarity).

    If you can't peek under the hood, you can visually examine the brakes & the steering wheel (cover)...those are often overlooked items when people do a "Fobra" conversion.
  5. There is a reason people always ask if a Cobra is real.
  6. bingo.
  7. its a fake,stay away
  8. Did you bother to check the engine bay and see for yourself if it is a real Cobra
  9. I would be a bit skeptical, but he could have done a tranni swap :shrug:
  10. It's possible that the owner did an auto swap, but not likely. You could check under the hood like several other people mentioned. ;) Also, I would check for the things COBRA90GT mentioned. Another thing that is also overlooked when someone fakes a cobra is the seatbelts. There should be a white snake logo stitched into the seatbelt near the bottom. (towards the floor).
  11. wtf? cobra seatbelt? wtf dude? :shrug:
  12. Actually, he is correct- My 1999 and my friends 2001 both have the cobra emblem sewn on the seatbelts just above the bolt right next to the door jam-
  13. I'm going to look right now as I have never noticed it before.

    As for the auto tranny in a Cobra, definitely not factory but not unheard of. I remember reading of an older couple that had a 96-98 Cobra that they had converted to an automatic because one of the two couldn't drive a manual...for health reasons.
  14. My 99 cobra vert has Cobra seat belts. Alfman are you sure you have a real cobra?
  15. You can check the Vin Number that is on the Front dashboard. There is a special code I think its the 6th or 8th Number or letter in that will tell u what kind of motor was put in the car then u can tell if its a real cobra. I have a chiltons books that tells u the letter its supposed to be but i can't remember it right now.
  16. It is the eigth digit in the vin for engine, and the 01 Cobra should have a "V".
  17. Mine has vin"Y" and a eaton thingy on top of that goes "wwwwwooooooooooossssssssshhhhhh" when I step on the pedal. Yet no cobra belt. I think I got jipped.
  18. Somebody take a pic of these Cobra seatbelts. I certainly don't see no Cobra on mine.
  19. the tag is white/cream colored with a black Cobra on it. Its is just stiched on where the belt attaches to the floor in the back. From what I gather, it was on 99's and early production 01's my late production 01 does not have the tag.

    as far as the car in question, as people said, its either a "Fobra" or a tranny swap.
  20. My R has the Cobra patch stitched into the seatbelts, near the floor as mentioned...