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  1. All,

    I had the dreaded torque converter shudder in my 95 that I am guessing all mustang transmissions get. I read thru a lot of posts and decided to try the Dr. Tranny stuff and it fixed the shudder.

    My trans fluid is dark. I don't think it is burnt, but it is definitely dark. I wanted to flush it, but the trans place said they didn't recommend that.


    Now that the shudder has stopped, I want to put a shift kit in the trans. As you all probably know the shifting of the stock auto sucks and the get up and go just doesn't exist.

    Putting a shift kit in will require dropping the pan, and this will also result in a loss of trans fluid.

    I am going to be pulling the engine because it is crapping out on me. I don't think the previous owners took very good maintenance methods on it. The car has 101k miles.

    Now on to my questions....

    Since I am pulling the engine and the torque converter will be fully exposed, should I replace the torque converter?

    With the addition of the shift kit and the new torque converter, the trans is going to be pretty much emptied of fluid and will have essentially been flushed (I know there is still some in the lines, but you know what I mean)

    Since the Dr Tranny stopped the Shudder, should I just keep that torque converter? Should I drain the old fluid out and put in some new anyway? (and add more Dr Tranny of course with the Mercron V instead of III)

    Is this going to cause harm to this transmission to where I will be pulling it and rebuilding it/replacing it?

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.


  2. If you have the money, then sure replace the converter. I'm not sure about exactly how to go about draining the fluid, but it would probably be a good idea. You know, have everything fresh. I would do it. The Dr. Tranny stuff is just masking the problem IMHO
  3. With 101 K miles and a soon to be pulled engine, I think you would be foolish to not rebuild the tranny / get a new one / whatever.

    For around $1,000 you can have a completely bulletproof setup that doesn't rely on pour in bandaid...

    I would not add parts (shift kit) to a tranny that you seem to acknowledge has issues...

    Obviously, it costs more to do the tranny and the engine at the same time, but if you are really spending the money on the engine, why would you cheap out on the transmission???
  4. And plan Z is swap out that AODE with a 5 speed. I'm a HUGE advocate of just chucking the slush box automatics. But that's just my .02
  5. If it were up to me, it would have a 5 speed, but my wife drives this car and refuses to drive a manual. This is the "Hers" of the his and hers mustangs.
  6. i have a 95 mustang with the 3.8 v6 auto with o/d my transmission shudders before it shifts only in the 1st thru 3rd gears and if i let off it shifts then it stops. how should i go about stopping the shudder i do not have the money to put in a new transmission just yet any ideas. please get back to me
  7. The Ford TSB on this issue was to drain and replace the existing fluid with Mercon V. If this doesn't solve the shudder issue would will have to replace the torque converter or live with the shudder.