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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has tried to remove the musang in the middle of the steering wheel and replace it wit an autobot or decepticon symbol?
  2. Negatron
  3. :lol: My wife hates it when I say that.

    What about a vinyl decal? :shrug:
  4. :rlaugh: @ Walters answer
  5. Sounds like a Camaro to me.
  6. what does that have to do with a camaro, im a transformers fan, not a camaro fan.
  7. Funniest one word response ever. :nice:
  8. Bumblebee?
  9. I think I saw it done somewhere..... can't remember.

    But I love the response this thread has gotten.....namely Walter's answer. :rlaugh:
  10. The steering wheel emblem is held on by a couple little metal tabs. You should be able to pry it off with a small screwdriver, just be careful.

    There are companies who sell center caps for wheels, however also sell them in various sizes. The one mentioned above is a good example. I can't remember the exact size but I want to say 2 3/8.

    Once you take the emblem off, the surface will be flat..

    Good luck and measure twice, order once..
  11. I saw on another Mustang Forum thats omeone had pried their logo off. The pic showed about 6 or 7 tabs it seemed. I'd rather not do that, personally. It would have been nice to just throw something straight on top.
  12. That would be interesting to do.
  13. Got my rear Autobot decal on :)

  14. Looks pretty good.
  15. It does look good, but being a fan of the transformers from waaaaaayy back in the day.....

    Um none of the autobots were mustangs :( Roadblock is a Saleen mustang and he is a decepticon....
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    Again I say.... NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Everyone knows Decepticons are cooler...yeesh.