Autocross in NY?

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  1. Just wondering if any one Autocrossed their mustangs in NY. I've been looking for locations and scedules but haven't had any luck.
  2. thanks, but been there already, and nothing listed for this year yet. Thanks again
  3. where is BIRD?...he knows that stuff
  4. MR.BIRDINATOR aka autocross master, Where are you??

  5. Are you willing to drive out to Giant Stadium in NJ or to Long Island?

  7. driving to Brisyol Ct. on the 4th( ) Thats about 2 hours from Albany. Not too sure on a trip to NY. mabe in the future.

  8. How about Lime Rock Ct for some open track events. NASA and PDA host open track events at Lime Rock. It's about $200-225 per day but they do put and instructor in the car with you every time you go on the track. Don't need a roll bar but your car does have to pass a simple safety inspection and you must bring your own helmet. You run 3 to 4 heats with each heat lasting about 25-30 minutes each. It will take two weeks to wipe the smile off your face after you are done for the day.

  9. I'm interested in doing some autocrossing this year. I did it once last year at englishtown instead of drags and I found it much more fun! A day at Lime Rock would be great, and I may even have some friends who would want to give it a shot as well.

    Bird, do you have any websites for both autox and road course events in the tri-state area?
  10. Coming Right Up!

    Here is a link to another web sight that I did post up link to autoX and opentrack events in the tri state area.


    Hope that helps,

    Rob :flag: