Automatic car-wash with Ebiach Pro kit?

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  1. I am wondering if I can get over the auto car-wash humps at like say shell gas station car wash? I just installed the eibach pro kit, its low but not too low. Any thoughts?
  2. I don't think any self respecting mustang owner would be caught in an automatic car wash, I sure as hell wouldnt take mine thru one. Hand wash for me only !
  3. Hope you don't like your paint job:rolleyes: Don't be so lazy and just hand wash it like the rest of us nancy.:nice: Plus, its not just the springs that determine ground clearance. Its also the tire/rim height, if you have bushings, etc. If your set on going through it, whip out your handy man tape measure and do some dirty work to find out. Or just do the logical thing and pull your car up to it and look. Not ask people accross the country for help ha. No offense, cause thats a hard question for anybody to answer except yourself. Speed bumps aren't all the same height.
  4. A lot, if not most of the automatic car washes nowadays are no-touch. Don't be so quick to judge. Sometimes I run through it myself, since it's usually just to give it a quick touch up job and the car is reasonably clean already.
  5. I actually do the same. The one I go to is also touch free, I touch it up afterwards, and conduct polishing.

    My car is lowered and I have no problems. :shrug:
  6. Dang sammich, NICE avatar! :nice:
  7. Yea, the paint is just a $400 job I got done a few years ago, its needs primed and painted good here in the next few years.. For now I will take it to the car wash's, Its also been really hot here in SD so I don't like to wash it in the day myself...water will steam off it. Will try it soon.
  8. Around here we have a place called Mike's's one of the best drive-through car washes i've ever been to. I wouldn't hesitate taking a Ferrari through it if ride height wasn't an issue. Granted, my car is primered so it really doesn't matter (i do take my other cars with paint through though), but i've mainly taken the stang through to clean aluminum wheels since their wheel cleaner is amazing.
  9. This is how I like my car to get washed thank automatic washes for me.



  10. Do they charge by the wash or by the watch?LOL