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  1. My 11 5.0 is my 5th mustang build. (88gt, 91lx, 03 cobra, 06gt), all stick cars. (The 91 ended up a c-4 w/transbrake.) The new car has a mcleod clutch or would never have made it into the 9's. (2.9 whipple, headers, exhaust, injectors, suspension, driveshaft, c&l cold air, 3.73, whole host of goodies, on shell urt with a crazy tune). Has run 9.88 @ 138 in perfect air, perfect conditions (48 degrees, no humidity-712 rwhp-1.43 60 ft). It typically runs low 10's consistently. My friend Doug has a '13 (gotta have it green) automatic car, and his latest investment was a circle D converter (3200). Mods are: arh headers w/hi flow cats and dynomax vt exhaust (quiet), alum driveshaft, Jlt cold air, Boss intake, throttle body, 4.10's, front sway bar removed, subrame connectors. In that form with drag radials, his car ran 11.80's consistently. He then added the circle d converter and now it runs 11.60's consistently and has been 11.47. on 93 octane fuel of course.(same, perfect day) This car is extremely well-behaved just driving around, on the freeway....just awesome. He did a jms chip dry kit and custom tune and has now been into the 10.40's at 129 mph!! He is going to a nitrous express kit with an even higher hp level. always pump gas. always. To tell you the truth, im a little jealous. He has a fraction of the cost in his mods as i do mine, and is truly not that far off from me et-wise. If i bobble a gear, or hesitate between them at all, he's right there. I thought i'd post this thread and ask the real world folks who drive their cars, often daily as i do, what their results have been. Yes, i can read mmff/5.0 mags, but really know any of those folks or what circumstances those cars perormed/dyno'd or if any of those numbers are skewed.) SO...I wanted to talk to other 5.0 enthusiasts who are modding their cars and see what kind of et/60 ft their cars achieving, particularly the automatics, but 6 spd also. I dont know if Doug's car is just exceptionally fast, or if alot of folks are having similar results. If i could go back.....i'd sure buy and auto! But the stick is so fun.....for the first few hours. Input, please......thanks!!
  2. How big is your circle d stall and how do you like it?