Roush automatic saleen?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by mpayne, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. i need some help from you saleen guys. i know a guy who swears his saleen is real... but its missing the gauge pods on top of the dash and its an automatic. to my knowlege there was never an automatic saleen produced so that pretty much gave it away that its fake. am i right? or was there an automatic offered in the saleens?
  2. There are plenty of auto Saleens out there. Well, not plenty, but they are out there. Not as rare as the fox body auto's though. Tell us the year and bumper number and a little about the car and we will try to help.
    Unless specifically ordered that way, only supercharged cars receive a dash gauge pod.
  3. i've seen a real S281SC (late model) with an auto -
  4. I told you in the last post you made about this, that there were saleen autos.
    Along with the fact that you suggested that it may not be real because it was "walked" by a 03 cobra. The power has nothing to do with it, especially since an o3 cobra will beat most mustangs to begin with.
    Just because it says saleen doesn't mean it's race car fast.
  5. :rlaugh:
  6. There were automatic Saleens, I have one of the few :)