Automatic Shifter Knob?

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  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone have a picture of an aftermarket automatic shifter knob (either ball style or t-handle) WITHOUT the o/d button relocater bracket and shift boot? I did a search but every picture I have come across has either the button bracket, the boot, or both. I am thinking about changing my handle but maybe moving the o/d switch to next to the cig lighter.
  2. Try UPR.
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  3. Thanks flstang65.
    I did check UPR and if I do decide to make a change I will probably order from there. I recently changed the inside of the speedo gauge cluster to brushed aluminum (to match the door sills and cup holders) but now I think the center of the dash looks like it is missing something. But I cannot find a pic of an auto with the shifter changed and no boot and - or o/d bracket installed. I may just do the a/c knobs instead, or just leave well enough alone.
    My car is a cruiser with a mainly stock motor and a few strategically placed mods both performance and dress up wise... Driving it is what I like and as these winters seem to get colder and longer, I always start digging up ideas for projects that really don't need to be done!o_O
  4. I know exactly what you mean. I actually returned my 04 back to stock, except for the exhaust. The maintenance from all the performance parts and trips to the drag strip were killing me and keeping me from doing what I originally intended with the car...the cruise and show.
  5. That's exactly it! I had a 90 GT convertible. It too was supposed to be just a cruiser. I said "Oh, I will only do_____" more than once and each time started a domino effect that cost money and more importantly time that I never needed to spend on a car intended for the street with my family along for the ride.
    With this one, I have not done what many around here are telling me are "must do's" because I learned the last time, just a simple bolt-on is never just a simple bolt-on. With the exception of the intake and exhaust, most mods have been appearance based so that I can have what I consider to be a fun and more importantly reliable driver. Yes, it can be louder, quicker, better handling, etc. but in it's current form, it looks and sounds good and has enough under the hood to get me in trouble if I let it ;). I started some interior stuff this fall and winter because I was bored just looking at it sitting there, but also the stock charcoal/black interior was just too plain. Like I said above, either the shifter or maybe a/c knobs and I will call it a winter and just get out and drive!
  6. My 3 year old daughter LOVES to go for a ride in my Mustang now. I wasn't able to do that a few months ago. Lol
  7. I got my '90 when my daughter was born...when it was totaled, she was six and honestly may have been more upset than me! Now with this one, she loves to take it whenever we can and the slightest mention of getting rid of it for a different one prompts her objections. So that alone is why I have wanted to keep it comfortable and reliable. Just be careful, you may create a "Mustang monster" like I did starting her off so young. LOL
  8. Try B&M Hammer Shifter

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  9. She doesn't have a choice...I named her Shelby
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  10. I thought about it, but I really don't know if I want to change the whole thing....would a 96-98 leather t-handle (stock) fit an 04?
  11. LOL. I guess not!
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  13. Thanks for the reply. I saw that one, but the AOD button is what I don't like. I think I will be living with what I have for now until I find exactly what I am looking for.
  14. Would be nice if they had a black anodized option finish as well.
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  15. Thanks Suek. I did try UPR and the black ball style or the MGW one with the engraved pony were the way I was leaning. I do not want to change the entire assembly at this point.
    The problem I have is that I like the O/D button being right there as it is stock since I often switch it off around town. I do not really want to relocate it away from the shifter and do not like the relocation bracket that these handles require. Bottom line, the idea of what I would like does not seem to exist, so I guess for right now, I am just going to leave well enough alone.
  16. Oh you're welcome. I had some of these bookmarked since I was looking for some myself.
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