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  1. hey all. this is probably already a thread on here, but I'm going to make a new one anyway!

    I just got my 2010GT in February and I bought it as an automatic but I want to change it to a manual. I have no idea what to do though. I plan on taking it to the shop and having them help me out but I would at least like to know what I'm dealing with/talking about when they start asking questions. Any help?
  2. Actually it's alot more straightforward going that way. trans, bellhousing, clutch, shifter, pedal box, driveshaft, crossmember, various bits and bobs and some way to deal with the inevitable check engine lights. Ideally you'd want a manual car PCM (computer) and figure the wiring, pinouts or harness changes to make it work. Anti-theft is going to make this a bit of a pain, though, that's for sure. It's not easy these days but, it's alot easier than swapping the other way.
  3. By the time and expense of doing all that work, you could just sell yours and get another Stang with a manual transmission.
  4. SyberSaint is 100% correct, not really worth the hassell, you're better off selling the auto and buying a manual. Why you thinking about this swap in the 1st place? Plenty of fast auto cars out there.
  5. I have an auto myself. Unless you've gotten that whole "being one with your car by manually shifting" thing in your head, don't feel like you're losing anything by having an auto. You can have that thing tuned to how you want and never worry about a late/missed shift or, if you're in a high traffic area like me, the dreaded issue of being in uphill in traffic with a manual.
  6. I'm no help in deciding whether you want a manual or auto, but if you decide you want the manual, you're definitely WAY ahead by selling your auto car and buying a manual car. I would not at ALL recommend doing a tranny swap on these cars, when you can find a manual trans car very easily. Too much headache, very little upside to doing the swap.
  7. Trading the auto car for a manual car will be far easier and cheaper than keeping the car but swapping transmissions.....and that's even if the swap works perfectly, which it probably won't.
  8. to b honest with you my friend did a auto to manual conversion on his lexus .. i know its not a mustang but by the time he finished with the conversion he put so much money into it he could of gotten 2 turbos :) so i dont suggest converting IMO however have you thought about selling and buying a manual or trading your car with some1 that has a manual tranny ?
  9. I would trade for a Mustang with a manual tranny.
    That would be cheaper in the long run.
  10. ^ agreed !
  11. Tune the auto and it will last forever. Get a bulletproof Mt82 and you can cure cancer.
  12. If you really want a manual, the best/easiest route is sell your car and buy a car with a manual.
  13. Unfortunately I would have to agree with everyone else. Trade it in on an M6. The cost of the swap would be astronimical since it's relatively a new car still.