automatic to standard?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by wenglo, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. I got a 2001 v6 and its automatic, i'm kinda mad its automatic but its all i could find. Sorry i don't really know jack about cars but.. is it worth it to convert it to a standard at all. What would a need besides a new tranny? About how much total cost do you think? And i can't work on my own car so factor in labor.
  2. Ty. Sorry i post already answered threads, i just got my car like 2 weeks ago and just heard of this site like a week ago.
  3. more trouble than it's worth. You'd still have to change all the cables....install pedals...get new flywheel/flexplate. I think there's also something different with the computers (I think, dunno for sure). It'd be a pain in the butt, but it can be done if you have enough $$$$$$$.
  4. I did the swap myself on a 98 V6. Sure, it's a pain in the ass and not everything will go into place as easily as one would like but, as long as you can do the swap and take care of the eec problems that will arise after the swap, then it's well worth it.

    I was much more pleased with my car after swapping out to a 5-speed. Granted it was kind of a waste, being that the car hit 110 while in 3rd gear. Stupid limiters. :)
  5. That's all you could find? Where the heck do you live? :D
  6. Well i don't mean that's ALL i could find, at the dealership there was a 2002 v8 5 speed but it was 5 grand more. I'm talkin all i could find in my price range, plus i pretty much had to have v6 because i'm paying my own insurance and because i'm still in highschool i can't work many hours to afford that.
  7. the extra 5 grand could come into play with trying to put in a 5 spd
  8. Did you use or anything like that, I'm sure there's a car for everyone, you just have to spend a little time searching :nice:
  9. 5 grand???

    give me a break.. i did the swap and i barely had $600..

    that included a new clutch, tob, and pilot bearing

    also gotta remember that you have an automatic tranny, shifter, pedal assembly, and other odds and ends you can sell to regain some of the money

    i'm not encouraging anybody to do the swap, but i'm just stating the facts.

    If you do the work yourself and search around for the parts, it can be done cheap.
  10. I was just going off the fact that the guy first stated that he didn't know jack squat about cars. He would be paying someone to do the swap.....unless he wants to mess something up. Labor isn't cheap.
  11. Actually, I think labor is outrageous and the only way to justify huge projects like that is to find a small garage (non-franchised) and haggle out a price with them to make them somewhat affordable.