Automatic to T-5 ?

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  1. HEY,
    Has any one done this yet, swap out an automatic and replace it with a T-5 five speed manual ?
    Some specs on the car:
    oridgonaly a 302 with a C4, motor seased,
    replaced it with a 5.0/302 & AOD from a 1984 Lincon MARK VII.
    Now would like to replace the AOD with a 5 speed.
    Any sugestions besides the real odvious ?
    Thank You,
  2. If it had a 5.0 and an AOD in it already, then the only things that might hang you up are the placement of the shifter (it will sit farther forward than usual, but can be somewhat offset by a custom shifter) and the location of the tranny mount (which can be modified in several ways, depending on where it needs to be).
  3. The tunnel where the belhousing sits might need a little work with big hammer as others have mentioned but I got mine to fit without having to pound on anything, the headers will be the total pain as the normal m11 headers will not fit past the belhousing so custom headers might be in order, I am still working on that one myself
  4. Clutch pedals are different between power and manual brakes on a II keep that in mind when you are buying them. If you had a aod your car the drive shaft should be good I would think. I used a stock II clutch cable. The hard part is the firewall bracket or sleeve for the clutch cable to go through I had trouble finding that when I first did mine. Years later there was some guy that started making them out of metal and sold them on ebay. The stock ones are plastic. Headers will suck. Shifter placement will very depending what bell housing you use. Hurst makes longer sticks for this they show them on there website.
  5. I used the stock C11 cable on mine with the 88 bell and clutch, good point too I also had to fabricate the bracket in order to use the cable, it has been quite a while since making the change, built mine with aluminum and it is holding up fine, if you use the M11's bell you will need to find a way moving the pilot bearing closer to the trans as the 11 bell is deeper, that info can also be found online