Automatic Trans Acting Up Now. Aod Trans.

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  1. I just put together a 5.0 Explorer motor with new bearings, Mustang cam, gt40 heads and the Explorer intake and it runs great, but after a couple weeks the trans has started acting up, it acts fine when cold but after it warms up it won't go in reverse unless I get the rpms raised up a bit, it also seems to have a slight hesitation when taking off from a stop but after that it is fine, it only has problems when stopped. It has a stock torque convertor in it and the trans was rebuilt about 10,000 miles ago. I haven't hooked up a pressure gauge to the trans yet so I don't know the line pressure but it worked fine last year before it sat till about a month ago. Could the T.C. be going bad or is it more likely that something got in the trans and is causing the problem?
    I have heard different things about the pressure, some say it should be about 0 to 5 at idle and others say it should be about 21-35 at idle, anyone know which is correct?
  2. The '94-95 had AODEs. Is yours really an AOD?
  3. My car is a 1990 GT as seen in my picture, and it does have an AOD.
  4. Oops, forgot I wasn't in the '94-95 tech forum.
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