automatic transmission coling lines

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  1. automatic transmission cooling lines

    i got my new radiator and started to take off all the lines.. when i got to the 2 metal lines the top one came off fine but the bottom 1 broke off.. so i was wondering how to take it off the transmission... do you have to drop it or can you just jack the car up and take it out...
  2. I would remove the line. Just put a hose barb on the radiator and use a fuel line hose to go from the hose barb to the trans line. Slap on some hose clamps, and you have a permanant fix. This is exactly what you would get in an external trans cooler kit, so it will work fine for you.
  3. ok.. do you know how much that would roughly cost..??? i just spentmost of my cash except for 15 dollars..could i get it done with that... hose barb and a fuel line for less than 15.. i would go to the hardware store but i dont have a ride..
  4. yah, you could easily afford this. fuel line: 2 bucks, hose clamps, $1.50
  5. cooling lines

    so i need a 5/8 hose barb.. what size fuel line and what to connect to transmision.. hose clamps?