Autometer Gauges to install...HeLp!

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  1. I just got my Autometer gauges today...Water Temp, Oil Pressure, & Air /Fuel Ratio. All are electric. Does anyone know where the best places to screw in the senders on my 02 GT. Pics or links would be very helpful if anyone has them. I want my dummie gauges on my instrument cluster to still work. My A/F gauge I must admit I'm pretty clueless on the install. I did purchase the Oxygen sensor kit for it. Thanks in advance for any help given. :flag:
  2. plug.jpg
    wire from dimmer to lights:


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  3. I did a search and found some info, but no links or pics.
  4. which wire is the signal wire on 4wire o2 sensors
    i know there is black/gray/white/white wires

    i know its not the gray wire

  5. Thanks for the pics...what general location is pic #1? Is the pic view from underneath or motor view?

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  6. Pic one is drivers side. Rear of engine by transimission, just above the clutch cable and below the exhaust manifold. You'll see the plug.
  7. Anyone know about the A/F gauge?
  8. 2nd and 3rd pics are both for oil pressure correct?
  9. is that dimmer switch wire the same for 98 GT's also?
  10. I don't know, but it says dimmer (or something similar) next to the connection inside the switch housing.
  11. Thanks for the site...that helps.
  12. For the oil gauge, get a 1/4" Ell and a 1/4" nipple from home depot. They come in a plastic bag with a purple top by a company called Watts.

    Remove the extra plug on the oil filter housing with an allen wrench, and catch the oil that comes out (1/2 cup maybe.) Teflon tape the threads of the nipple, and thread it in to the Ell as far as you can. Screw that in to the plug hole, and tighten. Use the adapter that comes with the gauge, teflon tape it, and thread it in to the remaining side of the Ell. Teflon tape the sender, thread it in to that, and tighten. The guy who posted the link above did his on a V6, so the sizes are different.

    Can't help ya with the other gauges.
  13. Thanks for all of the help guys. I am moving the gauges from my old car over to my Stang and this really helped. Cool Beans!
  14. what gauge wire are u supposed to use when installing gauges?
  15. Doesn't matter really.. I think I used 16 gauge on mine, but you could probably use 18 and be fine. The gauge itself doesn't require much power, so you're probably fine with whatever you have around.
  16. Anyone got pics on where to mount the Bung for the oxygen sensor to hook up my Air/Fuel Ratio gauge? Does anyone use 2 on each side of the exhaust?
  17. Ahead of the cats

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