Autometer Guages in a 66

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 69ChargerRT, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Will the smaller gauges (gas, temp, oil) mount up to the stock dash? I assume the autometer stuff can be made to work, just wasnt sure if they mount easily. Those above mentioned autometer guages will work in a stock 66 right?
  2. Someone did a writeup for it but I lost the website. Im sure it can be done though.
  3. i know there is a really cool dash replacement that is entirely autometer, but were not prepared to do that. so was hoping just the gauges themselves would work.
  4. Yes they will. Just did it on my car.

    Know exactly what you are thinking. JME has the guages in one of their precision machined clusters. Cool looking but I didn't want to pay $800.00 for them. So I used an original repo 66 woodgrain cluster. You'll have to do some tweaking. The guages woun't fit initially. All you have to do is route out some of the plastic. Route from the back of the cluster. Don't cut or route the chrome lip on the front. Take your time. Once you shave off some of the plastic. Shave a little and check. If it doesn't fit repeat the process untill it fits. The 2'16 guages fit well. The and 3 3/8 speedometer fits well also. I ordered the traditional chrome guages. They looked like they were ment for the car. The chrome bezels blend perfectly with the original cluster. I don't know how the carbon fiber or sport comps would look like they might clash with the chrome. The traditional autometer guages are the way to go. Hope that helps.
  5. So! does anybody have any wiring directions on how to hook the guages up.....
  6. i think i have website at home about these gauges. im at school right now so i can't get it. i'll post again later.