Autometer Lunar Gauge Cluster

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  1. I bought a Autometer Lunar gauge cluster for my 02 GT. I notice on the box it says it fits the 99-00 V8 mustang gt. The part number is #7003. Has anyone used these. I saw someone else use these for an 01 GT but the part #is 7001.
  2. What type; oil, water.....
  3. It is a complete gauge cluster that replaces the stock cluster.

  4. you might need to get the PATS adjusted to the cluster
  5. You won't be able to run it due to the PATS. If you have a tuner, you can disable the pats OR swap the circuit boards on the back of the OEM cluster.
  6. So if I swap the board it will work?
  7. It should. I have no concrete proof but that is what I have heard. Autometer wouldn't be selling/have sold these gauges if they were impossible to work.
  8. I know they work. I have seen them in other mustangs. My only concern was that on the package it says it is for a 99-00 mustang. I was concerned that might cause an issue since mine is an 02. I have read other posts also stating that all you need to do is replace the board. I will update you once I get a chance to install them.
  9. Installed the cluster and it looks and works great. I found a link to SIMCO's install guide. My Autometers have the same board. I think that SIMCO actually produced them for Autometer. Here is the link to the install guide in case anyone else needs it.