Autometer Temp Gauge: where does the sensor go?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by David R, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Where do I put the sensor. :shrug: It's a 2" electric gauge.
  2. Nice Pics Wayne. I have a FMS Chrome Water neck. I put the stock one in the top where the screw is. If you have an aftermarket lower intake, you can use a slot on there.

  3. Where would I use a slot on my GT40 lower?
  4. 94GTLaserRC

    Got any pics? I have a Cobra upper and lower. Is there a slot on these?
  5. I wouldnt know about those, but my intake is the Typhoon, and it has an extra screw that can be removed and another sending unit inserted.

  6. Thanks Wayne :nice:
    I think I know what to do now.
  7. Just a thought....could I simply splice in the Autometer sender wire into the facrory wire there

    ......or splice the factory gauge into the Autometer sending unit????

  8. I tryed to splice the autometer sending wire into the factory wire and it would bounce my guage all the way to the right whenever it was turned on. Maybe i just didn't do it right :shrug:
  9. the gauges use different resistances to figure temperature..the gauge will not work with a sender not made for it
  10. Ok sounds good....thanks for your help :nice:
  11. Splice??

    No you can't because the AM and factory sender units/gauge combos use different resistances. You have to run both sending units if you want to have both gauges functioning (hence the T or using two senders in separate locations).

    That's why some have chosen to create their own dash pod using an entire arrangement of AM gauges. That way they have gotten rid of the factory senders entirely and only have the AM ones. Lot more work but can turn out sweet. Do a search and you'll find some pics.

  12. I added the same gauge and placed the AM sending unit in place of the factory one. I have heard there is another location on the driver's side rear intake for another one. I plan on using this for the stock gauge when I get my Cobra intake put on.
  13. Which location would give the most accurate reading? I want to put my autometer sender on this one.
  14. the one in front where the factory sender is
  15. temp sensor location

    Thanks for the link, a great site. I was really pleased since I'm installing a Vortech and boost gauge next week.

  16. No problem
  17. Yep...I got em in. They're awesome.

    I used the T fitting, and the only thing I see different is that it appears to run cooler....because the sensors are not directly in the engine, and it's only 19 degrees out lol.