Autoweek , April 19 issue is mostly Mustang

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  1. If you don't subscribe to Autoweek and you are one of the Mustang faithful, you need to pick up the April 19 issue.

    The GT-R is on the cover, with a 3 page article on it inside. But most of the issue is dedicated to the Mustang's 40th anniversary. Some of the other Mustang articles are:

    40 year timeline
    Photos of significant Mustangs
    GT-350 racing History
    Mustang Racing History
    'Stang Memories
    1970 Boss 302 retrospective
    Mustang Models

    Total of 13 pages on the 'Stang
  2. I don't subscribe, but I got that issue. A true mustang classic. So is the feb 04 Motor trend.