Autoweek Article on the Shelby Cobra

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  1. For those of you interested in more information & photos. on the Shelby Cobra concept car, the January 26 issue of Autoweek has an 8 page article & a cover photo. This issue should be on the magazine racks by Monday the 26th.

    There is not a lot of new information in the article other than some speculation about it going into production. Chris Theodore is says that if it is approved by Ford managemetn it should appear by mid-2006 and the price target is below $100K.

    The chassis has twice the bending strength at the Ford GT and 84% of the torsional strength. Keep in mind the Ford GT has a roof on it.

    Drag is really high @ .48 CD. There are venturis in the rear to create down-force.

    The 6.4L V10 redline is 7,500 RPM - so much for the comments on the old V10 thread that said V10's couldn't rev. high.
  2. I have one as my avatar! I think it looks awesome! I really like it!

    600Hp 500lb ft wow :nice: