Aux Button - What is this for?

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  1. I can't seem to get an answer anywhere so I'll try here as a last resort. I've got an 05 GT w/shaker 500 radio. The quest is what is the AUX button for? I can't find any input jacks for it, and the owners manual don't tell me squat! I'm feeling quite stupid right bout now. ANY help would be appreciated. Ford just tells you it is for an AUX INPUT. OK........ like what? IPOD? SIRRIUS? XM? and if so where do you tie in, or plug in? Nothing in glove box, or console. Thanx guys.:shrug:
  2. I think it's useless. In other vehicles it is used for a rear DVD, I believe.
  3. I don't think the 05's had it, but the 07's have a headphone jack mounted in the console under the arm rest, to plug in any MP3 player. Comes in pretty handy at times, but I usually stick to my sirius.

    I'm almost positive that the head unit is the same, but the input jack wasn't added till 07. Anyone else know this for sure?
  4. I have an 07 with the Shaker 500 and the factory Sirius radio option. The AUX button switches the radio over to the sattelite radio presets. The button also switches the radio over to the line-in feature which is for listening to an Ipod or Mp3 player that can be plugged into the jack inside of the center console. I am not sure if the Ipod jack or Sirius was available in 05 so that may be why you don't
  5. ......have any reference to it in the manual. Sorry about that.
  6. Satellite Radio, MP3

    To All, the AUX button for the '05 model is available to plug in a protable satellite radio or MP3s. I have a Sirius portable radio and have it hard mounted and the cables ran to the back of the radio where the AUX jack is located. It works great! Never again will I have just a stock radio. Hope this helped. :nice:
  7. any chance you could senp pics of ur install? Sure would appreciate it, as I really don't want to spend the kind of money Ford wants for the radio/satalite option, esp since I can get a portable, or something comparable to it for a fraction of Fords cost. Thank again. Steve.
  8. The adapters and installation, if you can't do it yourself, for an '05 costs as much as a good aftermarket radio that has Sirius and ipod controls in the deck. I went aftermarket and have much better sound that the Shaker 500. My ipod stays hidden in the console. All displays are on the head unit. It turns the ipod on and off and keeps it charged.
    I also added Sirius to the head unit for a fraction of the cost from Ford.
  9. stanmckinney is right, the AUX was intended for a DVD on this head unit. I did a lot of research on this, wanting to connect my MP3 to the radio. It is a stock head unit used in several Ford platforms. There are several aftermarket interfaces that can be purchased to make use of this feature. I have my player hooked up now and love it.
    Funny how little Ford actually knows about some of its' components though.
  10. Wait a minute...there is a headphone jack on the back of the head unit that can be used to hook up an iPod/mp3 player/satellite radio?
  11. there's a headphone jack that an 1/8 inch plug from an IPOD or other audio source hooks into in the center console.
    When you have something hooked in and turned on, the AUX button is used to play this console source. I use it for the ipod and it works great.

  12. WE (PAC Audio)make a piece to use the aux button, but anyhoo, you need the AuxBox2 and ABFRD-24 cable for a aux in or for iPod you need the IPAC-OEM2 and AB-FRD24 cable.Either of those will give you a aux in or iPod control form the stereo without loss of sound like a fm modulator.
  13. '05's didn't have a jack. Ford offered Trip Tunes on the '06 which was an interface for MP3. I assume it is still available for '07 and maybe later.
  14. I just want to hook up a sirrius unit of some sort ie: behind dash tuner being able to utilise the shaker 500 radio with radio control. can this be done? if so can u tell me what I need ? Thank you.
  15. now I'm confused

    so, If I understand this correctly, I can't just plug an extension cable into the back of the radio and run it out to the front of the dash, where I could plug a cable in from the headphone jack output of my MP3 player to allow me to play the MP3 player through the car's audio system (realizing that I'd still have to use the MP3 player's controls)?
  16. No, its not that simple.The plug on the back is not a "jack" of any type. Its a 12 pin plug that is used by our interface.It wont work any other way.
  17. Where is the best place to pick one of these up for? and how much do they cost?
  18. We dont sell dierect, but we have been watching Ebay, and noticed that people are selling the products at a few bucks over their cost(less then i can buy it for and I work for the manufacturer). or You can go through Crutchfield, but IMO they pretty expensive.
  19. Thanks

    This clears things up for me. Thanks!:nice: