Aux Button - What is this for?

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  1. 05 did not have a jack. Triptunes is an fm modulator.
  2. my '06 has the aux button but my '05 did not, have not had the head unit out of mine yet. but fyi my wife's freestyle has the same radio as my '06.
  3. the radio should be the same in the 05-07
    Five Hundred
    Mercury Montego
    Lincoln Mark Lt

    but to use the aux in/iPod interfaces the radio must either be satellite ready or say MP3 on the face.Also to use these, you will lose use of the factory satellite receiver.
  4. My 2005 Mustang GT has the Aux button. I do not have a Shaker 500 or Shaker 1000 stereo system.
  6. i have an 07 GT/CS and the aux. button is used for the siruis satelite radio which was factory installed and also used for an input like using your ipod if you have one. the jack should be in the center console by the cigarette lighter
  7. 2005 mustangs did not have the sat radio or the plug in the console. :(
  8. Maybe I have a different radio then because when I hit the aux button it tells me No Aux Input Detected or something of the sort :shrug:
  9. that is true. it does tell you this. but, we did not get a sattellite radio option or a console plug for portable accessories in 05. i was referring to jaackal's post about the 07. some have posted that there is a 12 pin plug in the rear of the unit that can be utilized.
  10. Aux Button

    maybe this question was already answered in this thread but my '05 shaker radio says MP3 on it, why do they put that if you do not have an mp3 jack ??
  11. Because it will play Burned CD's with mp3 files on them.
  12. ooooo ok that makes sense. thnx redfire. lol but you gotta admit thats misleading when you first buy it and look at your stereo
  13. yeah, it is. MP3 and Aux button. You think it must be MP3 player compatible. Then you start looking for the plug in, but there is none. :shrug: It's irritating.
  14. PIE makes an auxilary interface that works pretty well though I've lost my speed sensitive volume and dimming on the head unit because of the way it's designed. They came out with an updated chipset for it but they refuse to answer my requests for one.

    So you can try there but just be aware that their service is crap.
  15. on my 07' its for the input jack in the center console.
  16. Yeah, but 05 Mustangs don't have an input jack. That's the problem.
  17. You can get the triptunes hookup thing cheap from Moss Mustang, only $59 but I bet you could find it cheaper even elsewhere. I've been contemplating it but money is tight right now so I'm holding off.
  18. yea i no wat ya meen i musta looked for the damn input jack for 10 minutes and read the manual cover to cover twice lol i was soooooo mad when i you guys told me it didnt have one. An the worst part is that you can't evn buy an itrip or sumthing bcuz i have owned three and they were garbage. do tehy make sirius radios w/ auxillery inout jacks?
  19. sry for the mis-pellings i was in a rush
  20. My 06 has a nonfunctional AUX button on the Shaker 1000. I had the local stereo experts install an adapter and run a 3.5mm jack to my console compartment. I can now use my mp3 player through the AUX option. Install with parts was $160.
    There is a power point for a charger in the console compartment. My question is this. Can I plug my mp3 player into the charger at the same time palying it through the Shaker 1000?