Avant Garde Wheels! 20" RTR Style!

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  1. Hey guys! Ever heard of Avant Garde wheels? If you haven't, check this out...
    Like a lot of you, I really dig the RTR Mustang, particularly the wheels. They sell the RTR wheel set at a lot of different sites now. The only problem is that they are only available in a 19x9.5 set up, and I have heard some complaints about the offset as well.
    I recently spoke with Eric Molin at Getyourwheels.com, who introduced me to Avant Garde. They have been making their M310 wheels for a few years now, and they are awesome. The RTRs shape is just about identical to the M310s, although after seeing both in person, I much prefer the finish on the M310 (darker matte black as opposed to the "grayish" matte black on the RTRs). The only problem is they don't make them to fit the mustang (and no one else does without re-drilling/shaving/painting). Eric has a VERY good relationship with the people over at Avant Garde. Long story short, Eric is willing to put together a custom set of M310s for the 2005-2012 Mustang. The sizes would be 20x9 with 27 offset front, and 20x10 with 40 offset rear. They would be hub centric, and have the 5x4.5/114.3 bolt pattern. The set will be $1500 for Matte Black or Hyper Silver. You can also have them powder coated any color you like for $200! Eric is going to need at least 5 pre-orders to have them made. There is a 20% deposit.
    Check out the links and pics.
    PM me if you have any questions!

    GetYourWheels.com: Wheel and Tire Packages|Staggered Wheels|Custom Wheels|Luxury Rims

    Avantgarde-M310-Black-1000-1.jpg Avantgarde-M310-Black-lay-1000-1.jpg
    Avantgarde-M310-silver-diamond-cut-1000-1.jpg Avantgarde-M310-Hyper-Silver-lay-1000-1.jpg

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  2. ^^ what he said
  3. They are going to be 26-27 lbs.
  4. Isn't this advertising?
  5. Watch out, its the advertising police! No, I am not advertising this wheel company. Nor do I work for them in any way. I am trying to see if there are enough people interested in having this wheel set built. Hard to call it advertising if it doesnt exist yet.
  6. Count me in. I have been looking at the RTR, but would like 20's as well.
    Hopefully we can get people that actually have money on here.
  7. Cool, we only need 3 more people. Lets make this happen. I have been wanting this set up for a while now.
  8. i may be in if I can find a buyer for my nurburgrings
  9. Pics of the nurburings
  10. pm me your email
  11. When the 5 pre order is met how long would it take to make the wheels and get them shipped out? Also can they offer wheel/tire combo? Im interested as well..
  12. I want to see an actual picture of the finish.
  13. I belive Eric said it would take two weeks to have them ready to be shipped. Yes they do offer wheel and tire packages.

    I took this with my phone last week. I will try to get some more pics.

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  14. If anyony is interested in making this happen, PM me.
  15. Just askin will these clear brembos
  16. Yes they will clear Brembo brakes.
  17. Wouldnt the 27 offset be to aggressive in the front
  18. We have test fitted the sizes and decided to go with a 30 offset in the front to make up for the bit of camber when lowering the car. That way they will work wether or not your car is lowered. The aggressivness of this fitment is slightly less than RTR wheels. I will post some more pics soon. Anyone interested should PM me, we need 4 pre-orders to get these made.
  19. Those are absolutely awesome!