Avant Garde Wheels! 20" RTR Style!

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  1. how long would it take after the order..
  2. I am interested, what Tire package is offered?
  3. Very interested. Any idea on when you'll have more pics?
  4. Hey everyone, sorry for the delay. I am going to post up some new pics and info tomorrow!
  5. Hey everyone. So, let me try and answer all of your questions at once. The wheels are 20x10 40 offset, and 20x9 30 offset. These sizes have been tested and fit perfectly. They weigh 26-27 lbs. Hub centric. Brembo brakes are cleared with ease, in fact, they will clear just about any brakes. Finishes available are Matte Black and Hyper Silver, and I believe either finish can have a machined face. For $200 more, they can be powder coated any color you like. Wheel and tire packages are definitely available, and they have a great selection of tires. For information on wheel/tire package pricing for the Avant Garde M310, call Eric at getyourwheels.com (888-250-9074) and he will set you up. Just let him know your calling about the M310s for the Mustang. I believe they are going to take 2 weeks from the time they are ordered. Cost: $1500 ($1700 w/custom powder coating). 20% deposit. PM me for more info or to set up a deposit.

  6. Just got word from Eric at getyouwheels.com that they just ordered 10 sets. They should be here the first week of December.
  7. PMs replied! There are still sets in Matte Black available.
  8. I want Silver. any available?
  9. Black has already been ordered because of its popularity. But Im sure if we had a few preorders they would have some more silver sets made. If any of you are interested, PM me and I will find out tomorrow.
  10. Those won't fit right.
  11. Those offsets will not work. the tires will stick out. With a 10” rim our rear tires require 50mm offset. Here are some pics as an example. The Saleen 20x10 - 50mm 275/40 , yellow GT 18x10 - 50mm 295/45 the Saleen fits in the wheel well perfectly and the GT just fits with little to no room to spare, any wider and it would have looked old school and stuck out from the fenders.

    40mm of offset will have the wheels sticking out 10mm more than the ones in the picture. Not right.


  12. Somebody double check the numbers I entered, but when compared to the Brembo wheels, this is what you get with the Avante Garde install: the RIM will stick out .5" more in front and .6" more in the rear.


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  13. Here is a picture of someone who installed Avant Gardes with the following sizes:
    Front- 19x8.5 225/40 ET 35
    Rear- 19x9.5 285/35 ET 40

    Using the recommended program from a previous post (same one I used above) and when compared to the 20" Avant Gardes in question, the fronts will stick out .4" more and the back will be exactly the same as you see in the picture.


    original thread that above picture was taken from:

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  14. Hey everyone. I am trying to avoid anymore arguing with people on whether or not these wheels will fit properly. Once again these sizes have been tested and they fit very well. They will be arriving in a week and a half! I will post pictures soon after. Just for reference, this is a pic from a photo shoot I did for another set of Avant Garde wheels, the M350. This is the same size and offset as the wheels in question. Check it out. Don’t be fooled by the "naysayers" who are determined to win an argument, and disregard fact. Many of the popular wheels for the s197 are just as aggressive, and some even more. RTR, TSW, Foose; the list goes on. Even the Alcoas are 20x10 36.7 offset and 20x9 24 offset! Now that is aggressive, but Ford and Shelby seem to think it works. There are still Matte Black sets available.

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  15. FYI: Talked to Eric from Getyourwheels.com today. I don't have an exact arrival date yet, but he did tell me that shipping is free to the lower 48 states.
  16. do I need t opinch up my pennys to have the money for some black wheels asap or will I be able to get them later?
  17. They only made 10 sets. Once those are gone, I dont know if they have plans to make more.
  18. find out for me how many are left
  19. Any updates on this?