Avant Garde Wheels! 20" RTR Style!

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  1. CLM 5150,

    I just found this thread after I emailed Avant Garde yesterday regarding offset, etc.
    I'm really tempted with these. Originally I wanted to run a 305/35 or 315/35 Nitto NT05 like with the 20x11 Steeda Spyders, but I really like this style wheel. I have the stock SVTPP rims on my GT500, so these are a lot closer to that look.
    With the 40 offset, I'm thinking maybe the Nitto Invo 295/35 would be the best overall fit on the rear, and a 275/35 on the front. If I ever wanted to run a drag radial, possible the Nitto 555R in the 305/35.

    Anyway, wondering if you could answer a few questions?

    You mentioned that these are hub-centric, correct? Do you think the stock center caps will fit, or do you know what the center cap inner diameter is?

    I know a lot of these wheels are made overseas, heck I think the stock SVT wheels are from China, but I'm curious about the quality of Avant Garde. My SVT's are Forged, so I feel like I will be trading down a bit with these, but as long as they can handle 550hp, I'd be ok with a low pressure cast or gravity cast wheel. :)

    Also, would love to see your car in person, if your in So-Cal, I'm in the Fullerton area


  2. Did a quick Photoshop with my GT500 and the AG 310 Wheels. What do you think?
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  3. CLM5150,

    sorry for all the questions, but were you able to use your stock TPMS with these wheels?

  4. 275/35/20 rears and 255/35/20 fronts is the best fit in my opinion. Seems like alot of tire for that setup but I may be wrong. Yes they are hub centric and I think the stock center caps will work. The quality is awesome! They machine the face before painting to give it nice sharp edges that other similar styles dont have. TPMS sensors work. Man, those look nasty on your ride!
  5. Avant-Gard-M310.jpg Ok, they are on!!! Got the M31o installed yesterday, love the way they look. The fitment is aggressive, but not extreme.
    The front wheels are 20x9+30 (stick out about 8mm more then stock) 275/35/20 Nitto 555. Rear are 20x10+40(stick out about 16mm more then stock) Eagle F1 285/35/20

    Car, is lowered on Eibach Pro-Kit springs.

    The rear offset is just about perfect for the 285 tire, they sit flush with the fenderwell, but don't stick out. These are actually less aggressive then then the Shelby Alcoa wheels (20x10 ET37) Now I will say if you are planning on running a wider tire like a 305 or 315, this is probably not the rim for you. They fit perfect with the 285, absolutely no rubbing. I did some measuring and looks like it will clear a 295 as well. My goal after the Eagle F1 wears out it to run the Nitto Invo 295/35/20.

    I didn't get a chance to weigh the rims by themselves, but I did pull off the front wheels when I got home.
    Stock - SVT 19x9.5(265/40/19) = 59.1 lbs. Avant Gard 20x9(265/35/20) = 59.0 lbs. pretty much exactly the same. :)

    Call me crazy but the car does feel like it handles better, turn in is great, and traction seams improved a bit.
    Possible do to the slightly wider track, and .50 wider rim in the back gives a better footprint. IDK.

    Overall, I'm happy for now, more pics to come!!! Scott did a photoshoot when I was at Avant Garde, so he will be sending some hi-res ones soon. One thing that I will mention, if you install these, you should remove the little star retaining washers that hold the rotors on when removing wheels. The AG M310's do not have a relief cut out on the back like the stock wheels, so they will not sit exactly flush because of these washer. They are a factory piece for convenience when removing your wheels, but are not necessary.
  6. Braden
    Do you work over in la Mirada? If so I have seen your car and it sounds sick!
  8. Yeah, I'm in Fullerton area, thanks :)
  9. A couple more pics with the iphone, nothing spectacular, some different views. Waiting on hi-res from Scott Chu.

    M310-Shelby-Side3.jpg M310-Shelby-Side2.jpg M310-Shelby-rear2.jpg M310-Shelby-rear.jpg M310-Shelby-Side.jpg
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  10. is that on stock suspension or lowered?
  11. Lowered, Eibach Pro-Kit springs.
  12. im using frpp k springs you think that those sizes you are using will work for me? I want it to have a nice stance without much gap between tires and fender butI dont want the fronts to rub
  14. do you have pictures of that size on your car?
  15. So I talked to Eric at getyourwheels.com. The silver 20x9s were never made. He said we would need 10 pre-orders for them to get the silvers made. I really want a set of these. So I am going to try and get 10 pre-orders. You just need a 20% deposit to place the order. The wheels will be made within 3-4 weeks, per Eric(once the 10 deposits are placed). Please contact me if you are interested in getting a set in Hyper Silver. Thank you.
  16. So nobody can tell us where these wheels are made?
    Are they gravity cast? Low pressure cast? Hi pressure cast?
    Forged? (which I totally doubt)
    That's what I need to know before I put anything on my car.
  17. From what I understand, even the Forged SVTPP is a Chinese made wheel.

    The Avant Garde's are Taiwan made. Taiwan has been making really good stuff for several decades now. I was in the cycling industry for almost 20 years, the majority of the parts, stems, seatpost, rims, frames, etc. came from Taiwan. They have been using Japanese machinery and manufacturing process for quite some time. The quality is very good. Recently the Chinese have started to adopt some of that technology and are getting better.
    My wife actually has worked for a Japanese machinery company for 18 years, travels to Asia quite a bit. Chinese have been purchasing a lot of this equipment the last few years, they are definitely improving their quality, but based on my experience, I'm more confident with the Taiwan made parts.

    According to the specs over at Modbargains.com the AG's are a low pressure casting, increased strength over a gravity cast wheel. They have been selling these for several years to the BMW, Audi and MB crowd with no reports of any problems or defects.
  18. Won't go Taiwan either. I've been looking at some nice forged wheels made here in the USA.
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  19. I have some good, new information on these wheels. If you are interested please pm me.
  20. 47b22de6-102f-5716.jpg
    Can't wait to get these on :)