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  1. The avatars seem to display intermittently. I'll load one forum page and they'll all be there and then the next page they're gone. And yes I did let the page load completely. I miss seeing Bakos' avatar....
  2. I have screen shots, but I can't upload them to any conventional image site since I'm on a gov computer. Browser is IE9. I don't know if anyone else is having problems. Going to try clearing the cache and see what happens.
  3. Nope... Clearing cache fixed nothign....
  4. Those issue are definitely on your end man. All images from this forum load as required. What is different between this and the usual is that normally ALL images for a page are loaded at once.

    So.... Try scrolling up and down so that image is on the page then off the page. See if those images come up, and/or are hit and miss.

    It sounds like the cache on the machine you're using is either disabled, being sent to a swap drive (very slow), or is being held up by the network.

    Also... On government machines... Ensure that you are the only user logged on. Lots of folks like to just pull their CAC card without actually logging off. It's a resource hog.

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