Average price for a clean 66 restomod

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  1. Hey guys, I've been going back and forth on selling my 2000 GT and picking up a clean restomod 66 or 68 fastback that I can drive once and a while and take to a few shows. I have spent hours looking online but there's several price ranges out there and I'm concerned about getting something that looks great but turns into a money pit down the road. I guess what I'm looking for is the general price range that will get me into a solid car that I would feel comfortable driving out of the city and straight to a show. I was thinking of spending 35 to 45 based on the pics I'm seeing. Am I in the ballpark?

    I'm currently looking at ebay and auto trader classics to get an idea of my options. Are there any other good sites for finding restomods?

  2. Describe what kind of parts you would want to have on it, and are you willing to do any work either mechanical or paint or do you just want a finished car?

    Reason I ask is that 35k is a LOT thats like dealer prices. You could buy a real nice stock fastback for much less and just put all the bolt on parts you want and still come in under 35k.
  3. I don't want to do anything to the body or paint. I have enjoyed modding my 2000 so I would probably end up fine tuning with small bolt on upgrades like exhaust, brakes, suspension but that's about it. I would like a car with a fresh engine (maybe EFI) and trans, something in the 300 to 350 hp range as a minimum, upgraded steering, and four-wheel disc brakes. I think that's about it for the top of my list. I want the best of both worlds, looks like a stock car to the untrained eye but drives like my 2000 and can take the occasional burnout or spirited drive.
  4. I've seen some pretty nice examples for around 15k. Just clean restored cars with new paint, motor, trans, interior, disc brakes, etc.
  5. 15-20k if you look around for a bit, 20k should get you most of the good bolt-ons your looking for, may have to look around for awhile but you will find one.
  6. the cost of good restored body work and paint is a BIG cost factor imho........that is where most of the projects i've seen start falling apart....everyone gets in and does all the mechanical work and the interior,,,,,then find out what it costs to do the body/paint and the car never get finished,,,

    still, $35k sounds like something you'd see on Barrett-Jackson
  7. I guess I'm afraid of buying something with poor body and paint work that shows up down the road. I have always just assumed these cars were more expensive to own. Is the GT version going to make any diff in price or is it only the Shelby cars that make any difference?
  8. Why not 65 or 67?

    You shouldn't have to spend anywhere near that much to have a good car.
  9. I would buy the right 65 but I guess I have never liked the instrument panel in 65 and thought I might go for a Hurtz G.T. 350H look down the road so the 66 seams like the best option for me. As for the 67 or 68, I just go back and fourth on the styling for those years. Some days I like it and other days I don't......honestly, most days I don't but I'm not going to totally cross it off my list just yet.
  10. I should clarify, I like the look of all the above, just prefer 65/66 fastbacks.
  11. Now if you are talking fastback, the price goes up substantially! There were fewer of those cars produced, and they are much more desireable. Just clean original cars or cars that have been lighthly restored to good driving condition are usually in the 20K range based on the numbers when I was looking in my area a few months ago. If you want something that has truly been restored with paint, drivetrain, etc. I would say high 20's would be about the best you could do. The coupes are way cheaper! Me personally, I love the fastbacks, particularly 67 and 68. But as far as coupes go, I prefer 66! My neighbor has an original 66 fastback (original owner) and I like the car, but not really any more than my 66 coupe. I actually prefer mine. Now if it was a 67' dark green fasback I would be trying to sell a kidney on ebay!!!!
  12. Yes, I want a fastback, it's been a dream of mine of some time. This is why I was thinking I needed to spend so much. I do see a few out there under 25 but they are usually 10 foot paint jobs or the underside has never been touched. I'm looking for show quality paint with zero rust......that includes the underside of the car.
  13. Dr. Jay
    Where in Canada are you located? I've had my 65 for sale for a while with little interest. 65 Pony interior has the gauge style of the 66.
  14. I'm in New Brunswick, feel free to PM me with the details