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  1. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH THEM??? if you dont kno they are going through huge financial problems just look for yourself, google or yahoo H.C.I. MOTORSPORTS or Hamilton Clark Industries and you'll see what im talkin bout you should find a financial company history report and see that they've claimed bankruptcy a few times and have been suid countless times and ill just be another number.... they have several different companies under there name a whole bunch of medical crap then the stang shop... they have a $10,000,000 lawsuit against them that they have to pay off ... they doin some crooked a$$ $h!t.... TRUST ME AND PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THIS SHOP B4 YOU OR ANYONE ELSE YOU KNOW DOES WORK WITH THEM...
  2. Has there been a resolution to this issue yet?
  3. nope they defaulted ... didnt respond within the 30days... lets just hope i get my money