AWD EcoBoost Mustang in 2012???

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How do you feel about Ford making an AWD, twin turbo V6 EcoBoost, Mustang?

  1. I don't care if they make it or don't make.

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  2. It's a cool idea, but I wouldn't buy one.

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  3. I'm down right against the whole idea.

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  4. I would definately consider buying one.

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  1. Hey now it's been 60 degrees for a few days now. :D

    A split 35/65 - or better yet, an active management system that allows 100% rear power until it senses slipage, then engages 50/50 is a cool thought, but it seems to just be pie in the sky for a few. I really doubt the AWD will ever come to pass. Especially if it is already in the taurus and possibly the fusion. Who knows. :shrug:

  2. Yeah, I'm not very optimistic about Ford building an AWD Mustang. Just wanted to have a discussion to get people's opinions. I really haven't seen a discussion on this topic anywhere else on the web.

    While I really would like an AWD Mustang, I would settle for an AWD performance version of the Fusion (the current Sport model doesn't count). As long as it isn't over $30k.:rolleyes:
  3. and I would be right behind you for the second one
  4. Nothing else excites me like my 2009 GT Premium Mustang,with 2100 miles she is the sweetest car I've ever owned,and enjoy it ,everytime i go in my Garage,Best money ever spent, I also have a 1993 LX 5.0 Convertable,and a 2010 Lincoln MKZ AWD ands another stang would be welcome Providing it replaces the Lincoln AWD,