Awesome online street racing game!!

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  1. I probably wont get to it. I have my TV tuner on and I cant play games while its running. Also I have to write a couple papers for my online humanities class. I'll race you sunday night.
  2. im back in action if anyone wants to get Down~!
  3. jinx your in 2 tournys with the ricer, you cant sell it... also, your up against me so. go race that so i can win this peice!
  4. It will have to wait until morning. I have a meet up to go to. Then you have have and I can sell the pos rice kar. :rolleyes:
  5. well that Ricer is in the Team Vs Team tourny also i think
  6. Fock me running backwards though a cornfield.
  7. lol.... send me some races before you leave...
  8. look at this, Tourny buy in 2G's... 46 people... look what daddy Ran, dont forget to look at the Dial in!
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  9. Very nice, but man, your car is a slow turd.
  10. i got 2 cars now.... the Truck i cant win Brakets with, it was my 1car, so ill keep it Forever!

    a V-6 ranger 570h/p 11.06 is Slow ? its not a Top Fuel Dragster...
  11. Im just givin you **** man lol. I cant win brackets with anything. I'll run 7.65s all day, so I'll dial in a 7.65 and run a 7.4. Then I'll dial in a 7.4 and never run faster than a 7.7 until I dial in a 7.7.
  12. i used to do the same thing man, until i messed with the gear box, so im Good to Go now..
  13. I mess with the gear box all the time. I just suck at consistency and its not realy fair for me to race most of the stangnet people heads up yet.
  14. my mustang, has its Max H.p... but its still no chance... ponypowered89 will prolly race his ferri heads up.. but he wont be on till 4am ='s 3more hours
  15. No races until morning. Im online with my pda right now.
  16. wtf is a pda?
  17. crazy stalker.
  18. So what..
  19. Welcome to 2005! :D