Awesome online street racing game!!

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  1. i just bought a GT500 :banana:
  2. WTF is ELO anyhow? It's listed below my points on the home page of the game.
  3. Yeah, and you wouldn't race heads up to my F&F car :rolleyes:
  4. lol yeah ur car is capable of low 9's mine is in the mid 10's

    give me some time :p
  5. By that time, I'll my lambo where I want it. :D
  6. Elo is your Rank.. the Lower the number the better you are... and me and pony supply all of our team points... We have 30k after placing the 10k on the bet... that sky line set me back and im rolling in the points everytime i play..

  7. Had him??? YOU NEVER HAD YOUR CAR!!!! :D
  8. just started today. i have a pos mini. name is JGT
  9. I sent you a challenge View attachment 405513
  10. thanks for the 3K :p
  11. wooo whooo...

    I just won a bracket tourney.

    Looks like the Underground has TWO tourney champs on it... you OG's are going DOWN!
  12. ok im downloading the program now - once i get on im gunna try to get 1990Coupe like here.. can i join teh underground pretty pleeeezeee!! :D
  13. I think Im retiring, until they put 5.0s in the game. Plus, I ran a car fax on my lambo, and it has a branded title. :(
  14. 725hp integra vs 205 mini cooper..hmmm...what the hell
  15. :owned:

    j/k. Kind of. Good race. :nice:
  16. i guess i have to choose between the stangnet teams?
  17. We'll you've got The Stangnet Underground & Stangnet OGs. I'm not sure about the numbers on each times. I believe The Stangnet Underground has more members than The Stangnet OGs.

    I'm sure which ever team you choose to go to, will help to point you in the right direction to go in the game.
  18. just do that we are clear on this... i have 4 cars alone in our group.. pony has 3 hemi has 2.. we do have 1 or 2 more members then the Og's tho...