Awesome online street racing game!!

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  1. Are the OG's ever gunna accept our challenge?! WTF mang.
  2. the team leaders Send And Accept the challanges... Grey'S unheard of in the Game.. We'll Be patiant and wait this one out...
  3. I'm on there... Coolguy1984

    Hit me up if you wanna race.

    I've got a mid 10 second ranger right now./
  4. do you guys have the engine reved and throw it in gear when the light goes or do you put it in first and throw the mouse up when the light goes? i seem to get a worse e.t. with a better r.t. when i do it the first way.
  5. I just made liek a couple thousand points and when i went to buy a part, it said i didn't have enough. I looked and I had the same amount of points as I did before I started racing. what's up with that?
  6. I sent you a race. :nice:
  7. And one to Mr. Bubbles as well.
  8. this game is addicting!
  9. Tell me about it. And it's so funny because it's kind of a chitty game. :rlaugh:
  10. i know... like mario bros, or zelda when nintendo came out.. lol
  11. i need to download do i find stangnet users is it pretty simple??
    and is there any mustangs??

  12. You need to stop red-lighting :D But ill take your points just the same :nice:

    Just playin!!
  13. well i joined and wow is that game addicting!!!!! i need in one of the stangnet groups:D trav_19
  14. do i search teams... and put in Stangnet... 2 teams should pop up... Join the OG's... so we can keep it even Teams..
  15. ok i will sign in now... OG'S it is
  16. ok i serched...found the og clicked what??????
  17. Chit talker :nonono:
  18. you wait for the approval, may take a fewdays greys unheard of anymore... there updating the game tonight so no points or cars transfer... Everyone has to start over... i find myself kinda on the pist side... i just got a gt500, challanger, and Viper all loaded.. with a nice Chunk of points... now im losing it all to start over... :mad: :nonono: